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49ers News: My invitation to CMC’s wedding must have gotten lost in the mail

Brandon Aiyuk wants to stay with the 49ers “definitely” despite stalemate

“Absolutely,” Aiyuk told TMZ Sports. “Absolutely!”

Aiyuk gives honest answer to the 49ers’ leaked contract offer

“It’s a little frustrating, especially when we get into details like that,” Aiyuk said. “When we give exact numbers in negotiations, those are conversations between the team and my team. We’re trying to work through things, work through a lot of things.”

“The fact that actual numbers and things like that are now coming to light is, in my opinion, a bit disrespectful, a bit unfair to me, but that’s part of it. That’s part of it.”

Aiyuk was frustrated enough to want to tell his side of the story, but it’s likely that both Lynch and Shanahan were equally frustrated when the information became public. The organization prided itself on successfully quelling the leaks it was known for in all negotiations before taking the reins in 2017.

“It is what it is,” Aiyuk said. “It’s a dirty game. It’s a dirty game, and that’s why I feel like social media is a way for me and my team to put myself and what I’m trying to accomplish out there, because that’s how we get the message out there. That’s how we get the facts out there. And facts are facts. So when I get the facts out there.”

Aiyuk reveals Super Bowl skepticism that contributed to 49ers frustration

“Absolutely,” Aiyuk said on Friday’s episode of “The Pivot” podcast when asked if his Super Bowl performance prompted him to post on his Instagram story the day after the big game: “Don’t forget what got you there.”

“I’m coming off the Super Bowl and I feel like I get the ball thrown to me five, six times a game all year long. I’ve had 100 (yards in a game) six or seven times this year. I’ve turned 70 catches into 1,400 (yards). And now we’re here talking about pay, the top salaries in this market, but I don’t know. The Super Bowl was tricky. We’re coming off the Super Bowl.”

Is the offensive line the 49ers’ biggest weakness? An NFL analyst believes that

“If you asked Warren Sharp of Sharp Football Analysis, he might say the 49ers’ offensive line is the team’s weakness.”

49ers player Christian McCaffrey and model Olivia Culpo tie the knot in Rhode Island (Paywall)

“McCaffrey, 28, the NFL’s offensive player of the year last season, and model Culpo, 32, were married in a church in Watch Hill, an affluent seaside enclave in the town of Westerly.”

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