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A debit card number is required to respond to a wedding inquiry – is this normal?

Wait a minute – are there now entrance fees at weddings?

An allegedly brazen bride caused a stir when a stunned wedding guest told them they had been asked for their debit card details during the “intrusive” online RSVP process.

The ridiculous request went viral after the disgusted guest posted on the popular message board for mothers asking for help in better understanding the situation.

RSVP card on flowers for a party or event
The couple’s wedding invitation asked guests to provide their bank details so they could respond to the invitation. Getty Images/iStockphoto

“Are we just completely out of sync with current wedding invitation protocols, or is this an issue now?” the OP asked.

The woman confessed that she was very happy to receive a wedding invitation from a family friend – but her joy turned to confusion when she was asked to scan a QR code on the invitation to proceed with her response.

The scan brought up an online form that guests had to fill out. At first, the information requests seemed harmless – name, address, email. Then things got more intrusive.

“The site asks us to enter our (debit) card details and (we) cannot proceed without doing so,” the PO buddy revealed.

Without entering the confidential financial information, she could not confirm the answer.

“It seems really strange to ask this of my wedding guests,” she said.

To top it all off, guests were allegedly informed that they had seven days to review the details on the wedding website, after which they would be charged a monthly fee.

Other mothers reacted quickly to the situation.

“I’m confused. Why do they need your… card details? I’ve never heard of that,” one person admitted.

“Yeah, that sounds crazy,” admitted another. “I wouldn’t give (mine) a chance.”

The QR code guided guests to the wedding venue with a list of required information. Getty Images

“It sounds like they broke the online service they are currently using. I would just let them know,” commented one blogger.

In a follow-up post, the OP revealed that the bank information form was not an error.

“It’s not a bug; guests must enter their card details to accept/decline invitations, select menu options, etc.,” she wrote.

Another online viewer speculated that the couple made this strange request to deter unwanted guests.

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