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TMaaS is revolutionizing the way companies approach and manage their travel programs, delivering unprecedented efficiency, cost-effectiveness and personalized support

MILWAUKEE, July 11, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Adelman Travel, a leading provider of business travel management solutions for mid-sized companies, announced the launch of its innovative Travel Management as a Service (TMaaS) program, a comprehensive solution that streamlines and simplifies every aspect of corporate travel for its clients while increasing overall organizational efficiency. TMaaS offers a range of tailored services including outsourcing travel manager tasks, cross-departmental collaboration, extending a company’s team in all travel-related matters, strategic negotiations with supplier partners, and ongoing travel technology consulting. Adelmans TMaaS offers access through a straightforward, flexible, subscription-based pricing model.

Key features of Adelman’s Travel Management as a Service program include:

  1. Personal travel manager for personal support: Adelman provides experienced industry professionals who act as dedicated travel managers. They become an integral part of each client’s team and take the time to understand their business needs, preferences and policies. This personalized approach ensures meticulous attention to detail in managing the travel program and alignment with the client’s business goals.

  2. Customizable solutions tailored to each client’s business: Adelman’s TMaaS can be customized to meet each client’s unique travel program needs. Whether an organization is a small team or a large enterprise, the program can be tailored to specific requirements, with support levels ranging from 25 to 100 percent of the TMaaS manager’s dedicated availability.

  3. Cost effectiveness: Adelman’s TMaaS is designed to optimize travel spend. Leveraging its extensive industry knowledge and the extensive global network of its parent company BCD Travel, Adelman helps companies achieve significant cost savings while maintaining service quality. TMaaS uses advanced analytics and reporting tools to identify cost-saving opportunities, negotiate favorable contracts with suppliers, and optimize travel budgets.

“Our goal is to simplify travel management for our customers through customizable solutions like TMaaS,” said Melinda Kirkham, Vice President of Corporate Sales and Customer Success at Adelman“When companies entrust their travel management to Adelman, they can focus on their core business, confident that their travel needs are being handled by industry experts. Customers currently using our TMaaS service are extremely satisfied with the results they have already achieved.”

“As we continue to drive innovation and development in the business travel industry, we are excited to introduce our groundbreaking Travel Management as a Service (TMaaS) program,” said Jason Horstman, President and COO of Adelman Travel. “TMaaS represents a significant step forward in simplifying and optimizing business travel processes for our valued customers. We are pleased to offer this comprehensive solution and further underscore our commitment to improving organizational efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

For more information about Adelman’s Travel Management as a Service (TMaaS) and case studies, visit or contact [email protected].

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Adelman Travel is a wholly owned midmarket division of BCD Travel, a global leader in corporate travel management solutions. With over 39 years of experience, Adelman Travel specializes in delivering high-caliber, innovative service to companies, ensuring seamless and efficient travel experiences for their travelers and customers worldwide.

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