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All details about the wedding cake of Sheryl Sandberg and Tom Bernthal

Allan Zepeda Sheryl Sandberg and Tom Bernthal

Sheryl Sandberg and Tom Bernthal’s wedding cake was truly a labor of love.

The couple, who tied the knot on Saturday at Trail Creek Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming, enlisted the help of Duff Goldman’s Baltimore-based cake studio to design the four-tier wedding cake.

A source told PEOPLE that Charm City Cakes’ creative director and head decorator flew in from Baltimore and brought handmade gum paste flowers and tools to bake the cake in Wyoming. They rented space in the Four Seasons’ pastry shop, where the cake was baked and assembled on Thursday and Friday with the hotel’s pastry chef and executive chef.

Before the reception, finishing touches were put on a hotel room and decorations were put up.

The chocolate vanilla cake was decorated with coral and pink flowers to match the coral and pink local dahlias that decorated the reception.

For dinner, they had avocado tarts, wagyu steaks and black cod. The couple also served affogato to accompany the cake for dessert.

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Wedding of Sheryl Sandberg and Tom Bernthal in WyomingWedding of Sheryl Sandberg and Tom Bernthal in Wyoming

Wedding of Sheryl Sandberg and Tom Bernthal in Wyoming

Allan Zepeda Tom Bernthal and Sheryl Sandberg

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The wedding weekend was full of Western elements. Sandberg, 52, and Bernthal, 49, spoke to PEOPLE about the upcoming nuptials at their Bay Area home three weeks before the festivities.

“Bars, country music – it’s all a new part of my life, but I love it,” Sandberg said. “It’s really fun. I mean, I’ve never done that much of that stuff before. I’ve really been focused on work and being a mom.”

Guests at the wedding included Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan; the groom’s brother, actor Jon Bernthal; tennis champion Serena Williams; Arianna Huffington; and Sandberg’s Option B Co-author Adam Grant.

After Sandberg’s husband Dave Goldberg died tragically in 2015 while the couple was on vacation in Mexico, she was never sure that she would find true love after the loss.

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It was Dave’s own brother Rob who first introduced Sandberg to Tom, Rob’s longtime friend, in 2019.”

He said, “How about my sister-in-law?” And I said, “Sure. That sounds great. But I need someone who reachable‘,” Tom recalled.

Having Dave’s own brother play matchmaker “is as close to Dave’s blessing as it gets,” Sandberg said. “And Rob said, and he told my biological children, ‘I chose him for you.'”

Update: An earlier version of this story stated that the finished cake was delivered in an insulated truck from Duff Goldman’s bakery in Baltimore. It was made and assembled in Wyoming.

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