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All TV shows coming to Disney+ in July 2024

Since Disney+ has entered the streaming world, it’s been the go-to place for family entertainment. While there are plenty of options on the platform that aren’t necessarily suited to younger viewers, there are still plenty of options for viewers of all ages. Thankfully, next month will be no different in terms of the variety of TV shows coming to the streaming service.

With new, shorter episodes of a popular series as well as a TV special about a well-known Walt Disney Resort park, the platform clearly offers a lot of choice for families in particular. However, older viewers who enjoy a bit of true crime are sure to find something entertaining too. Whether families are looking for something the whole family can enjoy, or adults are looking for something to watch on their own, Disney+ has something for them in July.

The Toys That Built America (Season 3)

Stream on July 3

A History Channel original, The toys that built America is a docuseries that explores how different toys and their trends have influenced America and its culture throughout the decades. Each episode focuses on a specific toy, such as Hot Wheels, Barbie, or video games, and examines their rise to fame, as well as any rivalries or struggles the toy had to endure along the way.


Mattel brings American Girl dolls to life in new Paramount Pictures film

Given the success of Barbie, it’s no surprise that Mattel wants to capitalize on other iconic dolls in its lineup.

The series features insightful commentary from experts, including toy historians, business experts and toy enthusiasts. Relevant events in a particular toy’s history are recreated for dramatic effect, providing a more comprehensive and entertaining look at the toys that built America. The toys that build America will stream on Disney+ on July 3.

Bluey Mini Probes

Stream on July 3

As fans of the popular children’s series Bluish While viewers eagerly await the fourth season of the series, Disney+ will offer 20 new mini-episodes in the meantime. The latest stories will introduce new characters and continue the cute and funny moments of the Heeler family that both parents and children will enjoy watching. When viewers last saw Bluey and her family, their whole house was full and they almost moved away after Bandit (David McCormack) received a job offer in another city. But at the last moment, the couple who were interested in the Heelers’ house changed their minds, causing Bandit and Chilli (Melanie Zanetti) to forgo the move and stay in the house they both love.

Very popular with children and parents, Bluish is different from most children’s shows currently on television. The series strikes a wonderful balance between imparting important life lessons and entertaining fun. Although the series is designed for a younger audience, it appeals to viewers of all ages, which makes the upcoming release of 20 mini-episodes all the more exciting for any fan of the series. The Bluish Mini episodes will stream on Disney+ on July 3.

Sasha Reid and the Midnight Order (Season 1)

Stream on July 10

A freeform original, Sasha Reid and the Midnight Order is a true crime docuseries that follows Dr. Sasha Reid and her group of young women. Despite their different backgrounds, their shared obsession connects them in a very unique way. Fascinated by the dark psychology of those who wish to harm others, the group aims to protect people who are often forgotten or ignored by law enforcement.


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The best true crime shows on Prime Video currently include an eclectic mix of documentaries and docuseries about everything from serial killers to MLMs.

Working outside of traditional systems, they strive to protect the vulnerable while solving as many cold cases as possible. With their forensic expertise and top-notch data skills, the women are able to get inside the minds of killers. With their motto of compassion and deep-rooted devotion to letting the evidence guide them, each woman holds a solemn promise to do right by the victims of some of the most horrific crimes. Sasha Reid and the Midnight Order will stream on Disney+ on July 10.

EPCOT becomes: Insights into the transformation

Stream on July 19

EPCOT becomes: Insights into the transformation is a National Geographic special that follows the ongoing transformation of EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The park was built based on Walt Disney’s vision that EPCOT would always be a work in progress, and was designed to celebrate and explore new ideas every day. The show takes viewers on a magical behind-the-scenes journey as cast members and Imagineers create an innovative new roller coaster: Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. They will also explore the wonders of water in the educational attraction Journey of Water: Inspired by Moana. Finally, the special will conclude with the all-new nighttime fireworks spectacular, “Luminous The Symphony of Us.”

Unlike other parks on Walt Disney’s Florida property, EPCOT is a park that remains innovative at every turn. Known for its specialization in edutainment, the park has undergone numerous redesigns since opening in 1982. But one thing has remained constant: its focus on continually creating something new and exciting while maintaining a balance between relevance and nostalgia. EPCOT becomes: Insights into the transformation will stream on Disney+ on July 19th.

For a complete list of all TV series appearing on Disney+, see the list below.

July 1

  • Attack of the sharks in the Red Sea: Special premiere
  • Baby sharks in the city: special premiere
  • Shark Attack 360: Special premiere
  • Shark Beach with Anthony Mackie: Special premiere
  • Shark vs. Ross Edgley: Special premiere
  • Sharks Gone Viral: Special premiere
  • Supersized Sharks: Special premiere
  • Blippi anniversary compilations
  • Blippi NASA episodes
  • Blippi Wonderful World Tour
  • Oshi no Ko: Complete Season 1

3rd of July

  • Red Swan: Premiere of the two-part series
  • After the first 48: Season 8B
  • Dark Gathering: Complete Season 1 (with subtitles and dubbing)
  • The Eminence in Shadow: Complete Season 2 (with subtitles and dubbing)
  • Kennedy: Complete Season 1
  • Cocktails with Khloé: Complete Season 1
  • Neighborhood Wars: Complete Season 5
  • Reincarnated as a Sword: Complete Season 1 (with subtitles and dubbing)
  • The Toys That Built America: Complete Season 3
  • Bluey Mini Probes

4th of July

  • Land of Tanabata: Premiere of a three-episode series

5th July

  • 20/20 True Crime Collection: Betrayed: Special Premiere

July 9

  • The Bachelorette: Premiere of the 21st season

10th of July

  • Celebrity Family Feud: Premiere of the 10th season
  • Family Feud: Decades of Laughter: Special Premiere
  • Sasha Reid and the Order of Midnight: Series premiere

July 11

  • Mastermind: Thinking like a Killer: Complete Documentary Series
  • Claim to Fame: Season 3 Premiere
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Premiere of Season 23

July 12

  • Casey Anthony’s Parents: The Lie Detector Test: Special Premiere
  • HIP – High Intellectual Potential: Complete Seasons 1-3
  • From Inmate to Roommate: Complete Season 1
  • The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard: Complete Season 1
  • Road Wars: Complete Season 2
  • Iliza’s Locals (Episodes 1–3)

15th of July

  • Hit-Monkey: Complete Season 2
  • Bloom Into You: Complete Season 1
  • I Give Up Being a Hero: Complete Season 1
  • Ya Boy Kongming!: Complete Season 1

17th July

  • Unprisoned: Complete Season 2

July 18

  • How I caught my killer: Complete Season 2
  • I Killed My Best Friend: Complete Season 4
  • MeetMarryMurder: Season 1B
  • Mountain Men: Complete Season 12

July 19

  • Epcot Becoming: Inside the Transformation: Special Premiere
  • Lucky 13: Series premiere
  • Press your luck: Season 6 premiere

July 23

  • Dress My Tour: Complete Season 1

July 25

  • Wayne Brady: The Family Remix: Series premiere
  • Court Cam: Complete Season 6
  • The Return of Shelby the Swampman: Complete Season 1
  • The UnXplained Special Presentation: Special Premiere

July 26

  • Playground: Complete Season 1

29th of July

  • Futurama: Premiere of the 12th season

30th July

  • Betrayal: A Father’s Secret: Complete documentary series

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