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Apple begins work on iOS 19 update codenamed “Luck” and more

Apple announced iOS 18 a few weeks ago at WWDC, teasing new home screen features, Apple Intelligence, and much more. Now, right on schedule, Bloomberg reports that Apple has already started developing iOS 19, macOS 16, watchOS 12 and visionOS 3 for next year.

Our first iOS 19 rumor is here

In the latest edition of his A In his newsletter, Mark Gurman reports that Apple has “officially begun work on its major operating systems for 2025.” While that may seem early, Gurman points out that this is Apple’s usual software development timeline.

  • iOS 19: “Happiness”
  • macOS 16: “Cheer”
  • watchOS 12: “Nepali”
  • visionOS 3: “Discovery”

However, it is still far too early to say what Apple plans for next year’s software updates.

The company has officially started working on the key operating systems of 2025: iOS 19 (“Luck”), macOS 16 (“Cheer”), watchOS 12 (“Nepali”) and visionOS 3 (“Discovery”). While that may seem early, since this year’s software hasn’t been released yet, that’s the usual schedule: The company is already developing next year’s hardware products and needs the associated software to start testing the devices.

Any guesses about what Apple will focus on next year? Is there anything on your wishlist that Apple neglected in iOS 18? Let us know in the comments below.

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