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Apple has always impressed its admirers with groundbreaking innovations. However, the company has so far refrained from entering the foldable device market. But that is now over: sources suggest that Apple is developing a “stretchable display”.

This speculation increased after Apple recently hinted at this new technology in a patent filing. If realized, it could lead to screens that wrap seamlessly around surfaces while maintaining the visual brilliance of OLED displays.

Revolutionary display technology: Apple’s patent for stretchable screens

Although Apple has been experimenting with prototype foldable phones for some time, no product has yet come to market. The company’s trend toward “stretchable displays” could revolutionize the technology industry.

The patent application, aptly titled “Stretchable Display,” lists an unusually high number of inventors, namely 55 (normally the number is between 1 and 10). Many of these inventors are based in California or Taiwan, where Apple’s research centers are located.

The patent is also short, with 13 images and only 22 pages. “However, these pages focus on the specifics of a display with a stretchable portion with hermetically sealed rigid pixel islands,” Apple Insider reports. The entire patent application contains hardly any examples of how stretchable displays could be used.”

The patent begins with a description of how Apple envisions the technology being applied to a wide range of devices, with a few pages describing the meaning of a “stretchable part with hermetically sealed, rigid pixel islands.” However, the document offers little insight into the potential applications of stretchable displays.

However, it also makes some suggestions as to how Apple plans to extend this patent to all types of devices. Essentially, it addresses the importance of stretchable displays for laptops, computers and mobile phones.

Stretchable displays: improving wearables and future devices

The patent also mentions smaller devices such as watches, pendants, headphones, earbuds, and other wearable devices. Many experts believe that stretchable displays could prove even more practical than foldable ones. This could mean an iPhone with a foldable inner screen and a stretchable outer screen.

Last year, Apple announced that it was planning to develop an Apple Watch with a screen that wraps around the wrist. Stretchable displays could be the solution to this challenge, potentially offering consumers more benefits and convenience.

So far, there is only one patent application. Of course, not all patents become reality, especially for technology companies like Apple, which file numerous patents every year.

Apple is particularly likely to make headlines, and often for the right reasons – its innovation. Just this week, news emerged that the iPhone 16 may have a removable battery to comply with European Union legislation.

This legislation would require Apple to develop technology that would make iPhone batteries easily replaceable. The goal is to make the process simple and user-friendly, creating a technology that everyone will appreciate and desire.


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