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Army veteran Kindly Myers in purple bikini twin with a wisteria tree

The Army National Reserve veteran wore a purple bikini as she posed with a wisteria tree, prompting many of her followers to call her a “natural beauty.”

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Bikini bombshell Kindly Myers becomes one with nature

Over the weekend, the Playboy cover model shared a photo of herself posing in front of a wisteria tree. She matched the tree’s purple blooms with a dark purple bikini that showed off the large “Invictus” tattoo on her left side. She graciously left her blonde hair long as she posed for these photos, showing off her toned abs and lean legs. A geotag located her in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

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“I happened to see this wisteria tree and thought it was so beautiful. It also happened to match my purple bikini,” she wrote in the caption. “So all I can say is you two look amazing together!” one fan commented. “That tree isn’t the only thing that’s beautiful. You are absolutely and extremely beautiful. I love you, beautiful,” another follower gushed. “The color suits you so much,” a third fan chimed in, while other speechless followers showered her post with purple heart emojis.

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Kindly has a “perfect day” on her farm

Although she loves to travel, Kindly seems to have taken a moment to enjoy a “perfect day” on her farm in Nashville, Tennessee. She started the carousel with two selfies of herself sitting in the front seat of her car in a purple tank top and camouflage-print Playboy baseball cap. The Instagram post later segues into photos and videos of her on her farm, along with a short video clip of her riding toward the camera on one of her horses.

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“This is a perfect day for me. I’m outside enjoying the sun and spending time with my animals. I love my life,” she wrote in the caption. “I love how pretty and beautiful you are,” one fan commented. “Great content my girl! Keep up the good work!” another follower exclaimed. “You always look good in the car. You should take a lot more photos in the car,” a third fan suggested. “I must say my love you are a mood not a style you are a whole mood,” another follower gushed, posting five heart eyes emojis.

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Kindly has a test for her followers!

In a video set to Benson Boone’s “There She Goes,” Kindly posed in a white sports bra and baggy jeans with lots of pockets. She turned around to show off her long blonde hair blowing in the wind behind her. “What would I have told you? / You read the first line wrong? / Same goes for the second / And the third, too,” the text above the video read.

“Sending this to all your super crafty friends,” Kindly wrote in the caption along with the hashtags Fashion, Outside, Silly and OOTD, which stands for Outfit of the Day. “Glad you were there to make the text worthwhile,” one fan commented. “Hahaha I was just like, ‘What’s going on?’ Too funny,” another follower chimed in. “Reading is important,” a third fan agreed, while another told her she was “making baggy jeans classy again.”

Friendly Myers in blue bodysuit says: “Improve your life”

She kindly left her long blonde hair straight as she posed for a few photos in her car. For the occasion, she’s wearing a light blue bodysuit and a navy baseball cap. In addition to her photos, she also posted a list of ten ways to improve your life, including lifting weights, eating real food, prioritizing sleep, reducing screen time, and waking up with gratitude.

“Improve your life,” Kindly wrote in the caption. “Looking cute,” one fan commented. “Yep. 100 percent for this list,” another follower wrote. “Step by step,” a third fan agreed. “Such a beautiful lady,” another follower gushed. “I really like this list,” another fan shared. “Such a babe,” another follower agreed, while another fan called her a “fresh-faced beauty in blue.”

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Interested in more Kindly Myers content? In another recent Instagram post, the former soldier put on a cheeky show as she tugged at the strings of her sheer blue bikini! Fans can check out these hot bikini snaps by clicking here!

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