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“Barbie” star Margot Robbie says selling her own alcohol brand was easier than selling her .4 billion movie idea

Given the mania and absolute obsession over the Barbie The film was shot last summer, so you might think it would be an easy sell to Hollywood studios. Wrong.

“Movies are a crazy business where you’re selling something that’s not tangible, but an idea,” said Margot Robbie, the famous Australian actress who played Barbie in the popular film that grossed a whopping $1.4 billion at the box office. The times“You have no idea how much it will make, who will see it, if they will see it or how it will be received.”

A no-brainer for Robbie is the recent launch of her gin brand Papa Salt, which was inspired by her numerous clubbing nights in London’s Clapham district.

“It feels a lot more straightforward, you can predict things more easily,” Robbie said of getting into the alcohol business. “You can map it out on a spreadsheet in a way that you can’t map out a movie idea.”

In other words, selling a product is much more tangible than selling an idea. And she has a team of friends – Charlie Maas and Regan Riskas, as well as her husband Tom Ackerley – who do business with her.

The idea for the subtly flavoured gin goes back to the time when Robbie would pack vanilla tea bags in her handbag on her nights out at Infernos, a nightclub that she and “thousands of other Australian Londoners” frequented, she said. The times. Gin and tonic was her favorite drink, but that doesn’t mean it always tasted good.

“If you put one in a terrible gin and tonic, it suddenly tastes great. My handbag would be full of them,” she remembers. “I bought a round and then just handed out (the tea bags).”

Robbie and her fellow Papa Salt co-founders were on a mission to create a gin that would “complement any lemonade, taste great with tonic and make a great martini,” the company’s website says. It took them 59 recipes to get there, but now they’re selling an “easy-drinking gin that celebrates the subtle tastes of native Australian botanicals,” such as zesty waxflower, hibiscus and citrus peel. Nutty wattle (an edible seed native to Australia), pink peppercorns and oyster shells also complement the flavors.

Although it was easier to sell an idea for a gin brand than a film, that didn’t mean that producing a great tasting alcohol was completely effortless. Robbie travelled to Australia to meet with Brian Restall, the owner of a hugely popular distillery there, and they were “absolutely drunk” discussing the idea for the brand. But it didn’t take long for Restall to be sold on the idea of ​​creating such a Forbes Articles about Australia.

How much is Margot Robbie worth?

While Barbie Robbie has undoubtedly returned to the spotlight this past summer, having starred in several other successful films and television shows. She began her career in the Australian soap opera Neighbors, in which she appeared in more than 300 episodes. She played the glamorous wife of disgraced stockbroker Jordan Belfort, Naomi Lapaglia, in the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street, which grossed nearly $407 million at the box office. She also played the role of Jane Porter in The Legend of Tarzan and as Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad Movies.

However, she received the greatest recognition when she was nominated for her role as figure skater Tonya Harding in the biopic “The I, Tonyawhich gave her a role as Queen Elizabeth I in Mary Stuart, Queen of ScotlandHowever, she was not nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Barbie– and director Greta Gerwig was also absent, which is considered one of the biggest embarrassments in the history of the awards ceremony. Barbie was the highest-grossing film of 2023, and Robbie earned the highest salary of any woman in Hollywood last year at $12.5 million.

Robbie’s net worth is estimated at $60 million, including earnings from the films she has starred in and from LuckyChap Entertainment, a production company she founded with her friends and husband.

“As an actor, you have limited options,” said Robbie Marie-Claire Australia in 2023. “As a producer, you can be part of the conversations about who gets hired for which roles and how much that person gets paid.”

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