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Best Trucks for Towing for 2024

(iSeeCars) – Pickup trucks are known for their wide range of uses, including off-road adventures, hauling heavy loads, and even a certain level of luxury in the upper trim levels, but maximum towing capacity is usually a truck’s most impressive spec. Unlike SUVs, which must trade off passenger space and cargo space as well as towing requirements, trucks have a more utilitarian focus that is reflected in the specs of their powertrains, including payload capacity and towing capacity. We’ve included the maximum towing capacity for each truck listed below, but keep in mind that to achieve a truck’s highest towing capacity, you’ll often need to order (and pay for) a towing package.

You can also increase the maximum towing capacity of any truck by adding a gooseneck or fifth wheel hitch to the center of the bed, which places the trailer’s support weight directly over the rear axle to improve trailer stability. We’ve listed compact and full-size trucks below, but we haven’t included heavy-duty pickups like the Silverado 2500HD in our rankings yet.

Best Trucks for Towing: Full-Size Pickups

Full-size pickups are consistently the best-selling vehicles in the U.S. market, reflecting their strong demand as work trucks and weekend adventure vehicles. Available in both Regular Cab (two-door) and Crew Cab (four-door) models, full-size trucks like the Chevy Silverado, Nissan Titan, Ram 1500 and Toyota Tundra have evolved into capable, even luxurious family transportation. But they haven’t yet dethroned the Ford F-150 as the best-selling truck of the past four decades. Do Ford’s variety of configurations and powerful engines in the half-ton truck category contribute to its continued sales success? Probably. It’s available as a fuel-efficient hybrid model or as an all-electric model as the Ford F-150 Lightning. Both configurations offer impressive horsepower and towing capacity ratings, although Ford has unfortunately discontinued the turbodiesel engine option unless buyers upgrade to its three-quarter-ton heavy-duty truck line (known as Ford Super Duty).

Best Trucks for Towing: Midsize Pickups

Although they’re physically smaller than modern full-size pickups, today’s midsize trucks still offer roomy, comfortable cabins and enough towing capacity to satisfy many of today’s truck buyers, while also being easier to park and offering better fuel economy. There’s no diesel or high-torque V8 engine in this category, but you’ll find powerful V6 and four-cylinder engines, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive, and premium features like advanced infotainment systems and safety features. There are even all-electric midsize trucks like the Rivian R1T, but their starting prices range between two and three times the cost of a conventional model.

Pickup trucks come in many configurations and offer a wide range of features across all trim levels. Thanks to the growing number of compact and midsize trucks in recent model years, there are also more models to choose from than ever before. Hauling capacity can also vary widely, so if towing capacity is a priority, consider the full-size trucks on this list.

Best towing features

While cars and minivans can be equipped with a trailer hitch and technically have trailer weight ratings and towing capability, only trucks and SUVs are likely to have the most helpful towing features and technology. Some important features to look for when purchasing a vehicle for towing include:

Electronic trailer stability control: Similar to stability control in cars, trailer stability control can detect when a trailer is slipping sideways (for example during a sudden evasive maneuver) and counteract the situation by adjusting the tow vehicle’s brakes and accelerator pedals.

Four- and seven-pin trailer plug: You’ll need to connect tail lights and brake lights to your trailer, which use either a four- or seven-pin harness. Having both connectors on a tow vehicle will cover you for any type of trailer.

Integrated trailer brake controller: Coordinates the towing vehicle’s braking system with the trailer’s braking system and allows the driver to adjust them so that the two systems work together to provide balanced braking for both vehicles.

Towing/transport mode: This changes the programming of a tow vehicle’s automatic transmission settings. This changes the upshift and downshift times to reduce the load on the engine, transmission and braking system.

Trailer hitch camera: Hitching a trailer is fairly straightforward if you can see both the trailer and the hitch; some new models have advanced guide systems that make aligning the hitch and trailer very easy

Calculating your GVWR when towing

Once you’ve determined your towing needs, consider which vehicle categories qualify and browse the rankings below. In addition to each vehicle’s maximum towing capacity, we’ve listed the maximum payload, Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and kerb weight for all models (where available).

These numbers will help you calculate how much gross vehicle weight you can add to your vehicle. This is essentially the difference between the curb weight and the gross vehicle weight rating. You should never exceed the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). This includes the curb weight plus the weight of any passengers, cargo, and the tongue weight of your trailer. The tongue weight is approximately 10 percent of the total trailer weight, and it also cannot increase the total weight of a vehicle above the gross vehicle weight rating.

Best Midsize Trucks for Towing

  1. Chevrolet Colorado: Maximum towing capacity: 11,600 lbs
  2. GMC Canyon: Maximum towing capacity: 7,700 lbs
  3. Jeep Gladiator: Maximum towing capacity: 7,700 lbs
  4. Ford Ranger: Maximum towing capacity: 7,500 lbs
  5. Nissan Frontier: Maximum towing capacity: 6,640 lbs

The best full-size trucks for towing

  1. Ford F-150: Maximum towing capacity: 13,500 lbs
  2. Chevrolet Silverado 1500: Maximum towing capacity: 13,300 lbs
  3. GMC Sierra 1500: Maximum towing capacity: 13,300 lbs
  4. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Limited: Maximum towing capacity: 13,300 lbs
  5. GMC Sierra 1500 Limited: Maximum towing capacity: 13,000 lbs

Best pickup trucks for towing

  1. Hyundai SANTA CRUZ: Maximum towing capacity: 5,000 lbs
  2. Ford Maverick: Maximum towing capacity: 4,000 lbs

The best heavy-duty trucks for towing

  1. Ford F-450 SuperDuty: Maximum towing capacity: 40,000 lbs
  2. Ford F-350 SuperDuty: Maximum towing capacity: 38,000 lbs
  3. Ram3500: Maximum towing capacity: 37,090 lbs
  4. GMC Sierra 3500HD: Maximum towing capacity: 36,000 lbs
  5. Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD: Maximum towing capacity: 36,000 lbs

Best 6 Seater Trucks for Towing

  1. Ford F-450 SuperDuty: Maximum towing capacity: 40,000 lbs
  2. Ford F-350 SuperDuty: Maximum towing capacity: 38,000 lbs
  3. Ram3500: Maximum towing capacity: 37,090 lbs
  4. GMC Sierra 3500HD: Maximum towing capacity: 36,000 lbs
  5. Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD: Maximum towing capacity: 36,000 lbs

For those who need a reliable and powerful truck for towing, these lists are a great place to start. Whether you’re looking for a medium, large, small, heavy-duty, or 6-seater truck, there are excellent options to suit your needs. Each vehicle on these lists boasts excellent towing capacity, so you can confidently handle your towing duties.

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