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Boulder couple sleeping in RV when RV is stolen and recovered

A Colorado couple sleeping in an RV were awakened by a thief driving away with the car while the two were still wearing their seat belts, police said.

A man, a woman and their dog planned to spend the night in a friend’s RV parked in front of an apartment building when they woke up confused and frightened around 3 a.m. on June 11 when they realized their RV was moving, according to Boulder police.

Police received a tearful call from the couple about the car theft, but they remained silent to avoid being noticed by the suspect, the department wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Officers soon found the truck, but when they turned on the hazard lights and siren, the suspect sped away. Police pursued the driver until the vehicle reached a dead end and had no choice but to stop. Officers ordered the driver to exit the vehicle and told the couple it was safe to go outside.

Video shows police rescuing couple from motorhome

The couple and their dog exited the vehicle safely after the violent incident. Police body camera footage released by the police department shows the moment the victims were rescued.

“All right, guys, are you okay?” asked an officer.

“Yes, we are,” replied one of the victims.

“We are incredibly thankful that no one was injured during this horrific situation, although that was entirely possible,” the department said. “Frankly, we are also thankful that our officers were able to safely coordinate such a quick arrest during this high-risk traffic stop of an armed suspect.”

The suspect had already been convicted of car theft

The suspect was arrested and charged with several charges, including second-degree auto theft, two counts of reckless endangerment, fleeing from a vehicle and carrying a concealed knife, authorities said.

He had previously been arrested for three other car thefts and convicted of one of them, and was also accused of failing to appear in court in a previous theft case, authorities said.

A video of the arrest also shows the suspect asking: “What’s the problem, officer? Can you just tell me?”

“The owners were sitting in the back of the truck you just took,” the officer said.

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