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Browns offense near the top of the teams with touchdowns on fourth down despite five starting quarterbacks

For some, professional sports are simple. Wins and losses and traditional statistics tell the story. For others, professional sports are anything but simple. Causality, advanced statistics and all the details are important.

For some, this detail of the Cleveland Browns may not be so interesting, but for others, the nuance will be funny.

Browns HC Kevin Stefanski has been known for going all out on fourth downs since taking over the team. There are many reasons Stefanski is aggressive, including starting five quarterbacks and having the worst completion percentage in the NFL last year.

Cleveland was tied for the fifth-most fourth-down attempts in 2023, with three of the NFL’s worst teams (Carolina Panthers, New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals) and the aggressive Detroit Lions ahead of them. The Browns’ offense converted an average of 50% of those attempts.

Of the four teams that had more attempts than Cleveland, only the Lions had a better conversion rate at 53.3%.

Interestingly, the Browns offense scored 10% of their touchdowns, including the touchdown against WR David Bell held above, on fourth down:

It’s important to note that the percentage doesn’t necessarily mean that a team was particularly successful on fourth down, just that a higher percentage of touchdowns were scored on that down. The Los Angeles Chargers’ number shows how difficult the team was on offense last season and that they had to take as many risks as possible.

Cleveland hopes to not rely as much on fourth-down touchdowns in 2024. Instead, the goal would be to get that number closer to zero, similar to Super Bowl participants.

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