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Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly one of the most famous actresses in the world. But she also had to start somewhere, and calibrationDavid Duchovny joked that he played his part in making her a big star.

Angelina Jolie may be one of Hollywood’s Nepo babies, as her father is Oscar-winning actor Jon Voigt, but the actress has proven her talent time and time again. Whether as an actress, director or producer, Angelina Jolie has done it all and done it well. During an appearance on Sirius XM’s RadioAndy On Thursday, David Duchovny explained why he feels he was involved in the “discovery” of Angelina Jolie.


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During a segment where he used one word to describe several celebrities he shared the stage with, Duchovny said when he got to Angelina Jolie that “I feel like I have discovered Angelina Jolie.” The actor starred with Jolie in 1997 in Playing Godone of Jolie’s earliest roles. The actress made her film debut in 1982 with her famous father I want to get outbut she did not begin her career until a decade later. She received numerous nominations early in her career and won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1999 in Girl interrupted.

“I feel like I have discovered Angelina Jolie

Yes, because I was there at the casting, I was part of the casting,“Duchovny talked about the film they starred in together after host Andy Cohen asked him for an explanation.”I didn’t spot her, but… she came in and I just knew she was a movie star and I told everyone we had to cast her.

Playing God was written by Mark Haskell Smith and the casting directors were Elaine J. Huzzar and Johanna Ray. The film also stars Timothy Hutton, Michael Massee, Peter Stormare, Andrew Tiernan, Gary Dourda, John Hawkes and many others. Playing God was not Jolie’s first film, but her role as Claire was just the beginning of her career.


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Angelina Jolie has many roles ahead of her

Angelina Jolie has acted in many genres and received critical acclaim for her acting skills. She has appeared in dramas, action films, video game adaptations, superhero films and even Disney adaptations. Aside from the awards she has received for her acting and directing work, Jolie was also recently awarded a Tony Award. The actress is a producer of the Broadway musical The outsider. In 2013 she also received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.

Although Jolie has been focusing on other projects lately, she has some exciting roles coming up. The actress will reprise her role as Maleficent in the third installment of the hit Disney film about the famous villain. One of her upcoming projects is the adaptation of Alessandro Baricco’s novel Without bloodwhich she wrote, directed and produced. She will also appear in Pablo Larraín’s biographical film Maria about the opera singer Maria Callas in the title role, and also in The Preservedan adaptation of the novel by James Scott, and Every note playedbased on the book of the same name by Lisa Genova, the author of the 2014 Still Alice.

Source: Radio Andy

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