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Cheyenne Frontier Days honors women in rodeo with new bronze statue for Colorado residents to view

Cheyenne Frontier Days is gearing up for another year of rodeo and music fun in Cheyenne. In 2024, the rodeo’s theme is the Year of the Cowgirls. The team at CFD highlighted their commitment to the theme by installing a bronze statue to honor generations of cowgirls.

Wyoming-based artist D. Michael Thomas has been commissioned for the second time in recent years to create a statue to be placed along I-25 west of the CFD site.

“This is my second piece at Frontier Park and I feel very lucky,” Thomas said.

Thomas most recently created a large statue of former musician and rodeo champion Chris LaDeaux, a longtime Wyoming resident, which was installed on the grounds years ago, before the likes of Garth Brooks.

Thomas told CBS News Colorado that he decided to honor his mother by creating a bronze statue that looks like his mother.


“She wasn’t a bronco rider back then, but she was a woman from the West,” Thomas said.

The statue depicts a cowgirl riding a bucking bronco. Thomas said he included small details in the statue to honor his mother, his art and the community. He even painted the statue’s boots red to honor CFD’s logo.

“The preparation took three years,” said Thomas.

Thomas said he was honored to create a piece of art that will forever honor the women who made the sport of rodeo and western culture possible.

“If there were no cowgirls, we wouldn’t be here,” Thomas said. “It’s very, very satisfying that a piece like this came out like this. It’s one of the best pieces of composition I’ve ever done.”

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