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Chris Pratt is ready to star alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the new Terminator movie

Chris Pratt and his famous father-in-law Arnold Schwarzenegger have never starred together in a new film. Perhaps Terminator A franchise film with the two in the leading roles is not ruled out.

In a conversation with TMZ, Pratt was asked about the possibility of making a film with Schwarzenegger that would be related to the FUBAR star daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger, since 2019. After Pratt suggested that people would “lose their minds” at such a film, the actor was specifically asked if he would like to play a Terminator film. Pratt was very enthusiastic when he replied that he was “in the process” of possibly making a Terminator Movie with Schwarzenegger.


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“Oh man, that would be great, wouldn’t it? Do you think people would lose their minds? Wow,” said Pratt. When asked if he had a Terminator film with Schwarzenegger, said Pratt, “Great! Okay! I’m in, sign up!

Chris Pratt names his favorite films with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Pratt was also asked about his favorite films in which his father-in-law plays the leading role. One of the three titles he named is The running manhas a new adaptation in the works, and Pratt commented how much he is looking forward to the new film with Top Shooter: Maverick Star Glen Powell took on the role. Pratt named another cult sci-fi action film and two comedies from the ’90s as three other films he liked that starred Schwarzenegger.


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“I know they are making new The running man with Glen Powell,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a fantastic film. I love The running man. Could be one of my favorites.”

Pratt added: “Of course Predatorthe upper floor Predator Movie, it’s pretty good. Kindergarten Cop is unbelievable, you know? He just can’t miss. Promised is promised… Why not?”

The biggest problem with bringing together Pratt and Schwarzenegger for a Terminator film is that the franchise will likely go in a different direction if another installment is made. Schwarzenegger has said he is interested in starring in Terminator Movies that blame themselves for 2019 Dark fate It was a box office flop. The future of the franchise remains unclear, although it has been reported that James Cameron plans to make another film. However, no details have been announced about possible actors or a plot for that project.

Schwarzenegger is in the upcoming second season of FUBAR on Netflix, which is currently in production.

Source: TMZ

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