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Deion Sanders’ NFL announcement shocks the sports world and fans react to his decision

Deion Sanders talks about NFL speculation and his plans in Colorado. There has been a lot of speculation that Deion Sanders might leave his position in Colorado to join the NFL coaching ranks alongside his sons Shedeur Sanders, Shilo Sanders and Travis Hunter.

However, Sanders recently clarified his stance in an interview with Joel Klatt on Fox Sports and addressed the rumors.

“I am a leader of men, not a follower of men. I am a father, not a baby daddy.” Sanders stressed that he wants to provide guidance to his sons rather than follow them professionally. Despite his sons’ NFL prospects, Sanders expressed his determination to stay in Colorado, where he serves as head coach.

“I’m a real leader. Not a father, man. I paved the way for my babies.” Sanders emphasized his leadership philosophy and the foundation he has laid for his children’s careers. He underscored his intention to continue building on Colorado’s legacy and emphasized the program’s ongoing evolution under his leadership.

Deion Sanders’ announcement sparked numerous reactions on social media

Sanders’ decision to stay in Colorado despite tantalizing NFL opportunities sparked significant reaction on social media, with supporters and analysts alike praising his commitment to leadership and family values ​​and applauding his prioritization of Colorado’s football program over potential NFL coaching roles.

While the future of the sport is unpredictable, Sanders’ firm stance provides clarity on his immediate plans. As he continues to shape Colorado’s football program, Sanders remains a key figure in college football and embodies the principles of leadership, family and legacy in his coaching career.

How much does Deion Sanders earn at the Colorado Buffaloes?

Deion Sanders seems to be very comfortable with the Colorado Buffaloes; another reason why he is not trying to become an NFL coach for the time being.

His current salary at the University of Colorado is $5.5 million per year, and this incredible amount can increase by up to $750,000 depending on the team’s performance during the NCAA season.

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