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Deonna Purrazzo explains how multiple stories contribute to the growth of AEW’s women’s division

Deonna Purrazzo is grateful to be part of the growth of AEW’s women’s division.

Deonna Purrazzo of All Elite Wrestling recently spoke with Bodyslam.netWhen asked how to create stories to give things more meaning, Purrazzo said every women’s department needs time to tell stories and give them room to breathe.

“Yeah, I think that’s what every women’s division needs…time to tell those stories and give them room to breathe,” said Deonna Purrazzo. “And the fans can pick and choose who they like and who they don’t like, and then we can do fun things like have qualifiers or add other stipulations. I think then there’s, you know, we’re dealing with the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament right now, and that’s an opportunity to wrestle for the world championship at All In, and there’s so much going on in our division right now.

“That’s what makes a successful division: You have your stories with the champion. Toni Storm and Mina are competing at Forbidden Door. But then there’s also this story that’s going on: who Mariah chooses. Mercedes Mone and Stephanie Vaquer are wrestling at Forbidden Door. And going back and forth between CMLL and CMLL, there’s just so much. And then there’s Thunder and I. There’s nothing storyline-wise happening at all.

“There’s the Owen that happens, so… That’s what you want to see in a women’s division. That’s a women’s division that you want to be a part of. If you can’t fight for the world title, you can do something else, build your reputation to get the world title, and so I’m just so grateful again to be on a show, do anything, work with anyone and continue to build my reputation and expose myself to this new audience.” (H/T: Combative)

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What do you think of Deonna Purrazzo’s comments? Have you liked the progress AEW has made with its women’s division lately? Let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.

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