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The big picture

  • Elizabeth Debicki talks about her upcoming film,
    This blue belongs to me
    and praised the script and director Iuli Gerbase.
  • The film mixes science fiction with sensuality and deals with themes such as mental health, sexuality and family dynamics.
  • With Zazie Beetz,
    This blue belongs to me
    follows Ivy, a woman who reveals to her boyfriend’s family that she is an alien.

Award-winning actress Elisabeth Debicki knows like everyone else that there are many doubts in Hollywood. During a conversation with Perri Nemiroff in a recent episode of Collider Ladies NightThe MaXXXine The star said she and others she’s worked with often worry about whether their story will sell. With so many ideas floating around, the actress says she hates to be “pessimistic,” but it’s a question she keeps asking herself. But if there’s one thing she’s sure of, it’s her upcoming project. This blue belongs to meWith excitement in her voice, coupled with enormous respect for the creative minds behind the film, Debicki told Nemiroff a little about the experience she was preparing for.

“There is a film I am involved in, we will be shooting it later this year, and
it’s just an example of a great script
. It is called
This blue belongs to me
and the director,
Julie Gerbase
is my age. She is Brazilian. She has already made a feature film and
I just adore the community around them
that really helps her get this film together. The script is so good that anyone who reads it just says yes to it because it’s excellent. But that’s the kind of voice that really fascinates me and the kind of person I really want to work with.”

“This Blue Is Mine” combines science fiction with sensuality

Elizabeth Debicki as Elizabeth Bender in a character poster for Maxxxine.
Image via A24

Together with Debicki This blue belongs to me will also be co-led by Deadpool 2 And joker Star, Zazie Beetz. Gerbase’s second film deals with themes such as mental health, sexuality and family dynamics and revolves around Ivy (Debicki), a woman who accompanies her boyfriend Arthur to his family’s holiday spot. Ivy is a character who dances to her own rhythm. Her spirit and attitude bring the family back, while Arthur’s daughters don’t know what to do with their father’s much younger partner.

Life has been especially hard for Connie (Beetz), who desperately needs extra support from her family after suffering a miscarriage. One evening, after several drinks, Ivy confides in Connie the top secret information that she is not a woman, but an alien visiting Earth. As Connie tries to refute Ivy’s claim, she becomes seduced by the strange woman while simultaneously trying to distinguish fact from fiction and deciding whether she wants to return to Ivy’s home planet when she leaves Earth.

Next time you see Debicki in MaXXXine, which will be released in theaters on July 5. A release date has not yet been announced for The blue belongs to me For more details, head over to Collider. You can read Nemiroff’s full interview with Debicki below.

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