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“End Unfair Property Tax” is a further step towards the abolition of property tax

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – The fight to eliminate all property taxes in North Dakota continues. On Friday, the battle reached another step.

Almost 32,000 signatures. That’s how many signatures the group “End Unfair Property Tax” needed to get a bill to abolish these taxes on the ballot in November. On Friday, they presented more than 40,000 signatures at the State Capitol.

“We have just over 30% more signatures, which is fantastic,” said Rick Becker, chairman of End Unfair Property Tax.

“We know the Secretary of State is going to push through this, so they’re going to throw some out. But from what we’re hearing, we should have more than enough to get it on the ballot in November.”

The original initiator of this measure was Rick Becker, a former state legislator, and current lawmakers support it.

“Our citizens are getting older and retiring, the value of their homes is going up, their property taxes are going up. Many of them are on a fixed income. At the point where their fixed income is too low to pay their property taxes, they’re going to have to sell their home, which is driving people out of their homes because they can’t afford it,” said North Dakota Rep. Jim Kasper (R – District 46).

Earlier this month, the national Keep it Local coalition launched a new campaign to ensure the retention of these property taxes.

“First of all, it’s not a bad plan. It’s a bad concept with no plan to replace the $1.3 billion in lost revenue,” said Chad Oban, chairman of Keep it Local.

“I think the idea that we fund police, fire and schools based on talking points or someone saying, ‘Don’t trust us, we’ll take care of it,’ is not a good plan to keep our communities safe and our schools strong.”

If the measure is passed in November, taxpayers will be able to keep everything they have paid in property taxes back in their pockets starting in 2026.

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