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Entertaining action in this revenge film

Boom. Crack. Crunch. That is the nature of Trigger warningstarring an on-form Jessica Alba as active duty Special Forces soldier Parker, who returns to her hometown after the death of her father. Alba performs neck-ripping and bone-breaking stunts in some superbly executed action sequences. In one scene, after rescuing her male friend Spider (Tone Bell), she quips, “What’s up! Damsel in distress.” This action thriller has a lot going for it, even if it occasionally suffers from a convenient script and perhaps a protagonist who is nearly invincible.

Director: Mouly Surya

Cast: Jessica Alba, Anthony Michael Hall, Mark Webber, Jake Weary, Gabriel Basso

Streamers: Netflix

We first see Alba’s character Parker when she is in the thick of battle, trying to take down terrorists. Parker, who has a spy background, suspects that something evil might be happening in connection with her father’s death. The truth about this comes out amidst all the chaos. The violence isn’t just about the gun. In one impressive stunt scene, after her rifle is knocked down, she coolly grabs a knife and stabs him in the heart. Soon enough, we understand where she got the knife and why there’s a kind of poetic justice in using it to threaten intruders, slash tires and more. For the first half hour, the film maintains an aura of suspense about the protagonist’s personality and motives, but once the cat is out of the bag, the rest of the film, even with enterprising stunt scenes, turns into a routine revenge thriller.

Once the perpetrators are about halfway identified, it’s just a matter of settling the scores. This is where the convenient writing style proves to be a bit of a letdown. We learn early on that Spider is good at cyberhacking, but later on, it’s not exactly a great moment to see how useful that skill is. Perhaps a bigger problem is that Parker is invincible. Even when she’s unarmed and handcuffed, no enemy can really defeat her. This means it’s not a huge surprise when she gets out of sticky situations.

Everyone said, Trigger warning has a lot going for it. For example, the script makes sure that Parker isn’t just fighting a personal battle. Her resistance is also for the good of the country and is in line with her values ​​as a soldier. While the film has flaws, Jessica Alba’s stunt dynamic is striking. If you’re considering watching this film, just remember that it’s about a protagonist who shoots first and asks questions later.

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