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In just a few days, NEXT will start its summer sale – but even before then there are secret codes that reveal special bargains.

The retail giant is launching its 50% seasonal discounts next week and shoppers are already gearing up to grab a bargain.

Next VIP members get exclusive access before the sale starts in storePhoto credit: Alamy

The fashion chain is granting its VIP members exclusive online access before sales start in stores and has already sent out invitations this weekend.

Next’s seasonal sales are always a hit with shoppers, offering at least 50% off discounted items, including discounts on brands such as Adidas, Nike, Ted Baker and Superdry.

Huge discounts are not only available on clothing and fashion brands, but big savings can also be made on home goods, bedding and accessories.

Although Next has not yet officially confirmed the on-sale date, Next VIP members have been sharing the details via social media.

One person posted in the Facebook group “Extreme Couponing and Bargains” that read, “The next VIP sales spots are here!”

The post included a picture of her invitation to register for the 45-minute shopping slot.

When Next launches an online sale for VIP customers, it’s usually a good indicator that the main sale will start in stores the following weekend.

Other shoppers who responded to the post commented that the main sale will start in stores next Saturday, July 6th.

The Sun has contacted Next for confirmation.

If you would like to wait until the sale starts in store, you can find your nearest store at

Please note that opening hours may vary from store to store, so please check with your local branch before visiting.


Even without a VIP slot, you can discover secret codes and get a bargain in the store.

Last year, savvy shoppers developed a clever way to predict in advance which items would be on sale.

The items are usually marked by our staff in the days before the sale begins.

The codes are written in pencil on the price tag and the numbers next to the letters generally indicate the selling price of the item.

So if you visit your local store and want to grab a bargain, keep your eyes peeled.

Find your nearest branch here

Please note that opening hours may vary from store to store, so please check with your local branch before visiting.

Typically, on the day of the Next sale, some stores open as early as 6 a.m., meaning some shoppers may be waiting in line until the early hours.


To receive an invitation to the VIP sale, you must have successfully opened a Nextpay credit account before each event.

So it’s too late to become a VIP for this event, but you can always sign up before the next one.

However, be careful when applying for a store card and make sure it is an amount you can pay back.

Interest rates can be very high, so you need to make sure you can repay the debt in full each month.

Otherwise, the interest you pay will cancel out the savings you make from the sale.

Other requirements to become a Next VIP include:

  • Have a flexible Next credit account with an available credit limit of at least £250
  • Placing and maintaining an order with Next Directory in the last year
  • You must have a current email address registered with Next and be registered to receive sales and promotional emails.
  • Obtain a copy of the Next Directory
  • Return of less than two thirds of the ordered items

All VIP spots are available on a first come, first served basis, with one available per customer.

Users have the best chance of getting great deals if they accept the first slot allocated to them, as items can sell out quickly.

As always, remember when shopping on sale: you’re only getting a bargain if it’s something you wanted to buy anyway.

When you buy something because there is a discount, you don’t necessarily save money.

How to get the most out of your next sale

THESE tips from a Next employee can help you get the best bargains when the sales start.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the stock – Check out what items you might like in store and online so you can act quickly when prices start to drop.
  2. Check online – Sales often start online before stores open, so use the digital option to get the best bargains.
  3. Consider the VIP program – If you have a credit account, you can access the sale before the public sale.
  4. Choose the right shop – Smaller outlets are likely to have fewer crowds, so there may be less competition when looking for bargains.
  5. Shop late in the day – About two hours before closing time, employees start restocking for the next day, so this is a good time to head to the stores.
  6. View the ticket codes – When you’re in a Next store, look for black dots on the tickets. This probably means an item is on discount, so it’s better to wait until the price drops.
  7. Household goods and women’s clothing sell the fastest – So the best thing to do is to head to the shops first to buy these items.

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