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Fans are sharing their favorite Martin Mull movie and TV moments after his death, and there are some really great

Unfortunately, Hollywood lost another beloved star last week. Experienced actor Martin Mull has died at the age of 80 after “a brave battle with a long illness,” his daughter confirmed. The incredibly funny actor’s career spanned decades, and during that time he endeared himself to audiences through his compelling performances. Fans are apparently saddened by the star’s passing. However, they are also paying tribute to Mull by sharing some of his best film and TV moments, and some of them are truly great.

Many actors would probably be thrilled to have the chance to have as impressive a career as Martin Mulls. Not only has he had a number of varied roles, but the projects he has landed happen to be some of the most iconic titles in television and cinema. One such success was the hit comedy Arrested developmentin which he played the humorous role of private detective Gene Parmesan. After Mull’s death, a fan on X shared a funny scene from the show. It shows just one of the late star’s best moments with the late, great Jessica Walter:

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