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Nvidia’s growth trajectory underscores the broader market’s anticipation of AI-powered advancements, which is a positive signal for AI-focused blockchain projects. The continued demand for Nvidia’s GPUs and the company’s strategic market position demonstrate a significant opportunity for cryptocurrencies such as Near Protocol (NEAR) and (FET).

Meanwhile, another emerging project is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the symbiotic relationship between AI and blockchain as it focuses on cutting-edge AI applications within its ecosystem. Read on to explore the potential of the three digital assets to reach unprecedented heights.

No delays: Minotaurus offers a low-cost entry into the $14.78 billion market

Let’s start our exploration with newcomer Minotaurus. The $14.78 billion casual gaming sector is expected to grow at 9% annually according to Statista, and Minotaurus, a blockchain gaming startup currently in presale, is hoping to capitalize on it.

In this environment, you can play a maze navigation game, complete with boss battles, trap avoidance, and coin collection. The game is mobile-friendly, and in addition, players can personalize their characters, get power-ups, unlock locations, and upgrade their powers wherever they are.

More pragmatically, you can make significant savings if you join during the presale. During the first presale period, you will buy $MTAUR tokens for $0.00004 each instead of the list price of $0.00020. That could be a 5x saving, which isn’t too bad!

Explore the charm

It’s just the entry into a dynamic niche or the advantageous price that makes Minotaurus. You can unlock different characters, look around, personalize your appearance, gain access to special zones and play mini-games with $MTAUR. In addition, you can get benefits by referring your friends.

The project’s tokenomics use cliff and vesting mechanisms to release tokens gradually, balancing supply and demand. In addition, Minotaurus demonstrates that its activities are transparent and secure through audits from SolidProof and Coinsult.

Start today

Due to its affordable price, obvious utility of the token, promising market, and effective security measures, Minotaur is a great platform for newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Take advantage of our 80% discount by linking your wallet now. Use TUG421 at checkout to receive an additional +5% off your purchase; this pass is only valid for 48 hours after the article is published.

Near Protocol (NEAR): Riding the AI ​​wave

Now let’s move on to Near Protocol (NEAR), the coin that has seen a significant upswing of late, fueled by the strategic integration of AI technologies. Over the past ten days, Near Protocol (NEAR) has recorded a notable increase of 16.61%, a notable performance amidst a general downtrend in the crypto market. This increase is largely due to the increasing adoption of AI in the blockchain sector, as evidenced by the Near Protocol (NEAR) Foundation’s commitment to unifying blockchain and AI. The sentiment surrounding Near Protocol (NEAR) is positive, supported by its growing user base of 16.3 million addresses and the integration of advanced AI features.

Near Protocol (NEAR)’s recent price movements have been spurred by strategic AI collaborations and developments in AI technology from industry giants like Nvidia. With a recent 29.98% increase in trading volume in 72 hours, Near Protocol (NEAR) price has risen to around $5.3, reflecting strong market confidence. Technical indicators such as the Money Flow Index (MFI) at 59 and the Simple Moving Average (SMA) suggest a continuation of this uptrend, positioning Near Protocol (NEAR) well for future gains. If the buying momentum continues, Near Protocol (NEAR) could potentially break its next resistance at around $5.755 and target $6.396 in a highly bullish scenario.

Looking ahead, Near Protocol (NEAR) is positioning the integration of AI technologies for further growth. The current bullish sentiment, coupled with strategic AI advancements, could propel Near Protocol (NEAR) to higher price levels. However, it is important to consider potential market volatility and the broader crypto market trends that could impact its development. (FET): A strong recovery

Concluding our discussion today is (FET), the project that has recently made an impressive recovery after a sharp decline. This coin is driven by the growth of the broader AI sector and the increasing demand for AI-powered blockchain solutions. (FET)’s unique approach of combining AI with blockchain has made it a notable player in the market and has attracted the attention of both traders and analysts. (FET)’s recent price action suggests strong bullish momentum. After finding support at around $1.11, (FET) rebounded, overcoming critical resistance levels and exhibiting a bullish pattern. According to the latest data, (FET) is trading at around $1.5, with a 24-hour trading volume of $275 million and a market cap of $1.24 billion. Analysts are predicting a potential upside of over 120%, with the possibility of hitting $2.3 in the near term and targeting the all-time high of $3,485. Technical indicators such as the formation of a higher low and the Hidden Bullish Divergence suggest that the recent decline could be temporary, paving the way for further gains.

The outlook for (FET) remains optimistic. Analysts are predicting significant price gains if key resistance levels are breached. The potential for (FET) to return to its all-time high presents an attractive opportunity for traders. However, the market remains unpredictable and external factors such as the performance of established coins could influence the performance of (FET).


The integration of AI technologies is significantly driving growth in the blockchain sector, with Near Protocol (NEAR) and (FET) standing out as prominent beneficiaries. Minotaurus (MTAUR) also has the opportunity to benefit from the relationship between AI and blockchain. With a strategic market focus, a robust monetization strategy, and compelling incentives for participants, Minotaurus could be well positioned for success.

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