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Florida Tech Panther Scholar-Athlete Spotlight honors lacrosse player Sophia Scichilone

currently summer intern in a dermatological practice

In this Scholar-Athlete Spotlight, we feature Sophia Scichilone of the Florida Tech women’s lacrosse team. This summer, the Lake Worth, Florida native is gaining valuable experience by interning in her dream field. We caught up with Scichilone to learn more about this incredible opportunity. (Image from Florida Tech)

BREVARD COUNTY • MELBOURNE, FLORIDA – In this Scholar-Athlete Spotlight, we feature Sophia Scichilone of the Florida Tech women’s lacrosse team.

This summer, the Lake Worth, Florida native is gaining valuable experience through an internship in her dream field. We caught up with Scichilone to learn more about this incredible opportunity.

Which company are you interning at this summer? What is your title and position in the company?

This summer I am interning as a medical assistant at Palm Beach Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. My job is to handle administrative and clinical tasks such as scheduling appointments and taking patients’ vital signs, as well as assisting the doctor with anything he needs.

What motivated you to take this internship? What steps did you have to take to earn your position in the company?

After completing my internship in a dermatology practice last summer, I wanted to broaden my experience and work in an environment where I could learn about different aspects of the field.

I also liked the family atmosphere of the small practice. During my internship last summer, I was able to gain a lot of practical experience in dealing with patients and this opportunity enabled me to qualify for this great internship.

This summer, I had the invaluable opportunity to work closely with Dr. Banionis and learn directly from his expertise. What initially attracted me to this internship is his high reputation in the Palm Beach area.

He is highly respected for his exceptional patient care and groundbreaking influence in areas as diverse as pain management, aesthetics, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and peptide therapy.

What exciting tasks or projects have you been able to participate in?

I have had the privilege of participating in and learning from some exciting new tasks and projects, particularly Dr. Banionis’ peptide therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

These cutting-edge treatments are not commonly practiced by doctors. Peptide therapy uses specific peptides to initiate physiological processes that support healing, cellular repair, and overall well-being. It treats a range of health issues, including hormonal imbalances and weight problems, by mimicking natural biological molecules that regulate body functions.

Additionally, Dr. Banionis’ bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is having a major impact across the country. This therapy uses hormones that are molecularly identical to those naturally produced by the human body to correct imbalances or deficiencies.

It effectively relieves symptoms associated with menopause, andropause, thyroid disorders, and other hormonal imbalances. These treatments have the potential to help countless people, and I am incredibly grateful and excited to be involved and learn from them.

What is your major at Florida Tech? Why did you choose this direction of your education and is it something you always wanted to pursue?

My major at Florida Tech is Biomedical Sciences. I chose this path because I felt drawn to the healthcare field from a young age.

Through extensive research and internships in various healthcare facilities, I discovered my passion for the role of physician assistant. The path to becoming a physician assistant is a clear decision for me as it fits perfectly with my career goals.

How did your time as an athletic scholarship student prepare you for the work you are currently doing in your internship? What skills did you gain from your time as an athletic scholarship student that will help you in your internship?

As an athletic scholarship student, organization and communication skills were critical in my role as a medical assistant intern. My strong communication skills have enabled me to interact with patients and healthcare professionals with confidence and empathy.

What skills did you learn during your internship that will help you in the field at Florida Tech?

Teamwork and leadership skills are essential traits that will greatly enhance my performance on the field at Florida Tech. During my internship experience, I worked closely with a team to achieve common goals and overcome office challenges, reflecting the cooperative spirit of athletic teamwork.

Furthermore, effective leadership in sport is about more than just leading by example through commitment; it is also about motivating and inspiring teammates to perform at their best. My internship taught me valuable lessons about how to take on leadership roles in a small office environment where initiative and teamwork are critical factors for success.

How does your internship prepare you for the career you want to pursue after graduation?

After I graduate, I plan to enroll in PA school. This internship will allow me to earn the hours required to apply for the PA program and gain hands-on experience.

What advice would you give to another athletic scholarship student/prospective athlete who wants to follow a similar path?
For another athletic scholarship student who wants to follow a similar path, I would advise you to start early. Start shadowing and gaining experience as a physician assistant as early as possible.

It’s never too late to start, and the more experience and contacts you gain before applying to PA programs, the more compelling your application will be.


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