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Galactus hates one Marvel movie hero more than any other (and it’s not Reed Richards)


  • Galactus detests Deadpool more than well-known heroes like Reed Richards after Wade becomes his herald.
  • Deadpool’s incessant chatter as Galactus’s herald pushes Galactus to his limits and causes him to fire Wade on the spot.
  • Galactus’ patience wears thin as Deadpool talks to them like they’re best friends and makes pop culture references, making Deadpool the rare hero that Galactus just can’t stand.

Marvel’s World Devourer, Galactusis a nearly omnipotent being who enjoys destroying planets for his own benefit, with his hand-picked heralds ensuring that each new world is prepared for its inevitable demise when their boss comes knocking. He is not particularly fond of many people except for the aforementioned employees, Galactus is shown to hate one of his temporary heralds even more than the cursed Reed Richards the big-mouthed mercenary himself, Deadpool.

He recruits Silver Surfer into his service, as well as many others, including Terrax the Tamer, Morg the Executioner, and even Doctor Strange and, at times, Thor. Galactus’ ability to devour planets across the galaxy thanks to the work of his heralds is a cosmically necessary, if frowned upon, act, and his patience matches the time it takes for these events to unfold.

Galactus holds his nose because he is annoyed with Herald Deadpool, who talks a lot and blows things up around him

In 2011 Deadpool Team #883, After Wade Wilson becomes Galactus’ official herald, it doesn’t take long for Galactus’ infinite mental strength to be put to the testwhen Deadpool becomes the number one hero whose proximity Galactus cannot bear.


Marvel is long overdue to make Galactus absolutely terrifying again (and now he’s more dangerous than ever)

After years of treating a villain like an easy joke, Marvel Comics has finally made its first “big villain” scary again (just like he was in his debut).

Galactus hates Deadpool more than Reed Richards after Wade becomes a Herald

Deadpool Team-Up #883 – 2011 (Skottie Young and Ramon Perez)

Galactus frowns to the left as he tells Deadpool to shut up while on his Herald surfboard

A scenario that arises after Deadpool searches the jobs section of the local newspaper to make some quick cash. Wade finds a job as Galactus’ newest herald. After accepting the offer, he is beamed into space to meet Galactus. Deadpool is given the cosmic power and then sent to prepare worlds for destruction. At first he does a great job, Deadpool’s incessant whining, in which he talks about everything from joining a fantasy football league to attending a trivia night, even about “Smelly Cat” from Friends Fameannoys Galactus so much that he freaks out and fires Deadpool on the spot.

It is hard to notice that individuals and entire civilizations, depending on their mood the otherwise infinitely tolerant Galactus has a mind that Deadpool effortlessly finds sensibleconsidering that almost every character that Deadpool encounters has the same problem. In Galactus’ defense, his heralds a lot of speaking in the preparation of the worlds, and since Galactus’ cosmic status ensures that he is above reproach to virtually everyone else – except for Reed Richards, who is constantly a thorn in his side – Deadpool becoming a herald and whispering in Galactus’ ear becomes a perfect storm that Galactus cannot weather.

Deadpool’s constant talking while working drives Galactus crazy

Galactus angrily tells Deadpool to leave and doesn't respond when Deadpool speaks again

It’s safe to say that Galactus hates most of the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe—especially his decades-long feud with the pesky Reed Richards—but firing Deadpool as his newest herald on his first day on the job is a comparative illustration of how much more Wade Wilson gets on this galactic god’s nerves. Dead Pool And Galactus will probably never work together again and – if this world-eating villain gets his way – will never speak another word to each other.

Deadpool Team-Up #883 is available from Marvel Comics.

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