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GaTech Commit gives Mario Cristobal another “L” with Brutal Troll

Mario Cristobal recruits Derry Norris Miami Georgia Tech

Mario Cristobal And Miami Football suffered another brutal defeat Georgia Tech Institute on Friday evening, when Derry Norris chose the Yellow Jackets over the Hurricanes. The way he announced his decision rubbed salt in the wound.

It was almost as if Cristobal tried to run the ball instead of kneeling and dropped the ball.

Oh, wait a minute…that actually happened! Miami led Georgia Tech by three points in October with 42 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

The Hurricanes just had to let the clock run out. A few knee strikes would have done the trick, because the Yellow Jackets had no timeouts.

Cristobal decided to hand the ball off instead of lining up in victory formation. His running back lost the ball. It was recovered by the defense, resulting in a turnover. Georgia Tech took over at their own 30-yard line and eventually scored the winning goal with a wide-open deep ball over the middle as time expired.

There have been few more embarrassing coaching decisions in the history of college football.

That’s essentially what happened with Norris. Although he’s only considered a three-star talent, defensive linemen are in high demand in the current recruiting climate – especially when they’re 6-foot-3 and 260 pounds.

Derry Norris is far more valuable than his rating and 37 schools have offered the Floridian native a scholarship. These include Alabama, LSU, Texas, Ohio State, Florida, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech and West Virginia.

However, his recruitment was limited to Miami, Georgia Tech and Minnesota.

All signs pointed to hurricanes. It was assumed that he would stay home.

And that’s exactly what happened! Until it didn’t… Norris made a nasty mistake when he put on a Miami cap and made the “U” hand sign. Instead, he chose the Yellow Jackets!

The hilarious antics didn’t go down well with the folks in South Florida, who pointed to the three-star rating and claimed Mario Cristobal didn’t want Norris anyway.

These people are completely wrong. Miami lost to Georgia in the fourth quarter again!

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