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Greenfield Recorder – Shady Glen Diner in Turners Falls for sale after 12 years of operation

TURNERS FALLS – After 12 years of ownership, Charles Garbiel and his family have decided to put the Shady Glen Diner in Turners Falls up for sale.

“My wife and I have been talking about this for about six months. I’ve just spent 12 years doing this, seven days a week, so it gets on my nerves after a while,” Garbiel explained.

The main reason for selling the restaurant was Garbiel’s desire to spend more time with his family and young daughter at this time in their lives.

“I only have one child, and she only gets to be six, seven and eight once, so if I miss the weekends, I’ll never get her back… that was mainly the main reason… the quality of life part.”

Garbiel has taken on multiple roles at the restaurant, including head chef, manager, dishwasher and server during the 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. hours most weekdays. Outside of the restaurant, he has served on Gill’s Selectboard. When he left Shady Glen, he explained that the sale was “turnkey,” meaning the buyer of the Shady Glen Diner has the option to transform the space into something new or keep the restaurant as is.

“I’m running (Shady Glen) until someone buys it. It all depends on who buys it and what they want to do with it. If they want to keep it as it is, then leave it as it is. If they want to do something else with it, it’s their money,” Garbiel said.

When Shady Glen opened under Garbiel, the eatery was open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which meant 16 to 18 hours a day before eventually switching to breakfast and early lunch in recent years. Guests often ask Garbiel when the eatery might be open all day again, but he said he couldn’t meet the demand for an all-day eatery with his small staff and outside commitments.

Garbiel said if the restaurant remains the Shady Glen under new ownership with more time and staff, it would be “nice to see a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.”

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Looking back on the past 12 years at Shady Glen, Garbiel said some of the most memorable moments came with the regulars he and his family got to know and build close relationships with. He remembers one regular in particular who said, “During COVID, she came by every day to check on me and make sure I was OK. We didn’t know if we were going to open the next day or not,” he said of the regular. “It was scary times, but she came by every day. She would knock on the door, make sure I was OK, and order some food to go.”

A Facebook post celebrating Shady Glen’s 12th anniversary sparked comments from people sharing their memories of the diner. Garbiel writes in the post, “You were there for me through the good times and the bad, even those who are no longer with us today… You will never be forgotten. You watched my daughter grow into the little girl she is today. She loves coming in to see the crew and talk to all of you.”

Garbiel cannot say whether he will return to the restaurant industry, nor can he give any concrete plans for the future.

“Sometimes people ask me what I’m going to do after this, and I don’t know yet,” Garbiel said. “If the right group supported me, I wouldn’t say no to running for governor.”

In the meantime, the restaurant will remain open even after Garbiel relinquishes ownership. For current information on hours, visit the Shady Glen Diner Facebook page.

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