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Good morning! Today, meat and weapons are favored in the process of tax reform regulation. The Senate is still hesitant about regulating artificial intelligence. The number of private sanitation facilities is increasing, but coverage is far from universal.

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House of Representatives addresses corporate lobbying on tax reform legislation

"It may not be the ideal tax reform, but it is the one that was possible." sighed Parliament Speaker Arthur Lira
“It may not be the ideal tax reform, but it is the one that was possible,” sighed Parliament Speaker Arthur Lira. Photo: Wallace Martins/Thenews2/Folhapress

On Wednesday, the lower house approved the basic principles of the Brazilian VAT system, which is to be introduced soon. It is the centerpiece of the tax reform passed in December. The MPs ultimately gave in to the interests of corporate lobbies, including the pharmaceutical industry, weapons manufacturers and meat companies.

What happened. At the last minute, the House of Representatives approved an opposition amendment that would include all types of animal proteins in the basic basket of goods for low-income families, thereby exempting them from VAT. Before this measure, they enjoyed a 60 percent discount on the standard rate.

  • At the same time, weapons and ammunition were removed from the list of products subject to a “sin tax”, which is an additional levy on goods and services that are harmful to human health or the environment – ​​as is the case …

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