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I am a veterinary technician and treated a cat with the most outrageous name

A veterinarian admitted she was speechless about the name an animal lover gave her cat.

They revealed that there is an amusing story behind the unusual nickname, which was inspired by an encounter with the “baby Jesus”.

Veterinarians have shared the “most outrageous” animal names they have ever heard on Reddit (symbol image)Photo credit: Getty Images – Getty

They shared their experiences as veterinary technicians on Reddit’s veterinary forum in response to a post about “outrageous animal names.”

“The cat is named ‘I Ate Baby Jesus’ because, well, it ate Baby Jesus,” they said, writing under the name Squishyedna.

“Then there was Not Bob because the kids didn’t want to call him Bob.”

Many people upvoted the post and one commenter was hysterical about the bizarre name.

“He… ate the baby Jesus?” they asked.

“You can’t just bring this up without going into it in more detail.

“How many times have you had to explain to someone why you suddenly claimed you ate the baby Jesus after they asked you what the cat’s name was?”


The veterinarian stated that he had known the pet’s owner for many years and that the name was given after an unforgettable Christmas when the cat was still small.

“When he was little, he ended up in the E-Clinic at Christmas time, where it was discovered that he had eaten the baby Jesus from the nativity scene that the owners had set up,” they said.

“After a successful operation, he was able to live a long, healthy life.

“It was always interesting for him to request prescriptions from pharmacies.

“Either the person on the other end of the line has heard of him before, or there is a long pause and then a ‘Pardon?'”

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It wasn’t the only nickname that shocked the 63,000 members of the Reddit forum.

A veterinary assistant listed the names of several animals he had treated.

“Big, grey, fluffy cat named Lunch Box,” they wrote.

“A stray cat that someone found, named Wal Mart (where it was found).

“One family had an orange cat named Black Spiderman because their child gave him that name.

“The Sphynx cat siblings Velcro and Sticker. A big, goofy Labrador named Rudy No. The owner would often say, ‘Rudy No, stop that.’

“A pug named Miss Pugglesworth.

“My own childhood cat was named Arnett (Arnettypoo) because she was originally an Arnold and Arnold had kittens.

“These are just the names that spring to mind. I’m sure I can think of more, but I love the funny names that come into the clinic.”

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“Imagine how I felt when I called out for a Dalmatian puppy named ‘Cruella De Vil,'” said another.

A third person admitted to intentionally giving their pet cat an unusual name.

“I named my cat McNugget because a Good Samaritan found him at McDonald’s and brought him home as a stray,” they said.

“One family we served through ER had a golden retriever whose official name was ‘The Blob’ because he was very overweight when they got him.

“They called him Blobby for short.”

Among the unusual names was a cat named Ate Baby Jesus (symbol image)Photo credit: Getty Images – Getty

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