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I got married less than a year ago, but I regret 5 wedding concerns

SOMETIMES the best day of your life can cause you to deeply regret some things.

One bride shared how she literally had to pay the price for a particular mistake.

A bride remembered the things she regretted most about her big day (stock photo)Photo credit: Getty


Redditor Icy_badger_8390 recalled the five biggest mistakes she made on her big day.

“Is there anyone else who regrets little things or petty things related to their wedding that they know are stupid but still bother them? Here are mine,” she said.

She explained that one of her biggest mistakes turned out to be the most costly.

“Don’t hire a florist,” she said.

“I initially thought this service was a waste of money and ended up arranging the flowers myself and doing a lot of DIY projects with my husband, which was fun but didn’t always turn out well,” she continued.

“Overall, the reception area looked great and I doubt anyone really noticed the imperfections, but I think a real florist would have done a better job,” she continued.

“Plus, we didn’t really save much money in the long run because a lot of projects were scrapped and supplies went down the drain.”

Many people agreed that she was right about her feelings about the flowers.

“I used a florist and I’m so glad I did. I was thrilled with the flowers I ended up getting and I couldn’t have done it on my own,” said one Reddit user.

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“I was originally against flowers too because ‘they just die’. Then I realized that these flowers are in every single photo and so will live forever,” said another user.

“I ended up spending a large portion of our budget on flowers and I don’t regret it. One of the best decisions I ever made,” they continued.

However, some still felt that the DIY route was worth it because of its budget-friendly benefits.

“My cousin’s wife went to Trader Joe’s early in the morning the day before her wedding and picked up a bouquet of white flowers,” commented one reader.

“This is also a big gamble, but she liked that it was a fraction of the cost of the florist,” they added.

“I made the flowers for my wedding last Saturday myself, but I chose the custom Flower Moxie design version,” another chimed in.

“I was very happy with the result and it cost about a quarter of the price I would have paid at a full-service florist in my area. Plus, I had fun doing it!” they continued.

According to Wedding Wire, the average spend on flowers at a wedding in the United States is $750, with most couples shelling out between $700 and $2,500 for their flowers.


She also wished she had listened to someone else when planning her wedding – herself.

“I regret choosing our color scheme and wedding style based on outside opinions and what was trending at the time,” she said.

Instead of staying true to her favorite shades and opting for plum-colored bridesmaid dresses, she let herself be influenced by others.

She had listened to comments from her friends saying that they “hate this color, that it’s inappropriate for a wedding, that it looks terrible on them, etc.”

In her effort to be a “relaxed bride,” all of her bridesmaids wore mismatched dresses.

She thought they looked “pretty,” but still regrets not being more aggressive.


She also shared her own clothing dilemma that arose when she ordered a dress that could not be returned.

Although she was a fan of the independent bridal brand she got it from, she wasn’t so keen on the dress itself.

“I love their style and their commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion, so I was determined to definitely order a dress from there rather than from a more traditional store,” she said.

“I liked how it looked on me and I was thrilled with my veil and accessories, but I wish I had given myself the chance to try on more dresses in person before going down this route.”


Although she always dreamed of having her wedding in the same city where she grew up, today she believes she would have done it differently.

    “We got married on a Sunday because it was cheaper and there were only a few dates available. But when I think back now, that wouldn’t have been my first choice,” she said.

    Since many friends and family members still lived nearby, many left the reception early.

    “His family and our friends from out of state, who all took time off work to be there and were ready to party, provided the dance floor and the after-party!” she said.

    Turn off the music

    She also advised against using local providers with family ties.

    Since her father was in a band himself, he recommended a DJ he already knew for the wedding.

    At some point the DJ gave her father the microphone.

    “He ended up singing a cover of a classic wedding reception song, which was a little embarrassing but also kind of funny, in an endearing, ‘Hey dad, I’m embarrassed of you!’ kind of way, and our guests loved it and cheered him on, so I didn’t mind,” she said.

    From then on, things only went downhill for the DJ.

    “But then the other drunk members of his band tried to perform and wanted to turn it into a karaoke night,” she said.

    “I could see that people were starting to get confused and annoyed after the fun of singing along to the first song wore off.

    “Thankfully they stopped after a few songs and we learned to laugh about how weird it was, but it did shorten our reception by almost thirty minutes.”

    Another Redditor shared what he would have liked to have spent more money on on his big day.

    “I regret not spending more on photography. I had a wonderful videographer, DJ, florist, venue, food, etc., but I tried to save money on photography,” they said.

    “I still spent around $4,500, but the style is not what I love in wedding photos. I wish I had spent more on a photographer whose style I really like instead of trying to save money,” they continued.

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