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Idles lead Glastonbury crowd in anti-King chant as new Banksy work appears in crowd

Idles held no hold back as they delivered their politically charged set at Glastonbury 2024, which included criticising King Charles and receiving unexpected support from Banksy.

The socially committed post-punk rockers led by frontman Joe Talbot performed on the Other Stage on Friday (June 28), while Dua Lipa impressed the audience with her headlining set on the Pyramid Stage – despite a sound problem during the BBC broadcast.

While Dua Lipa belted out her pop hits, IDLES played a wild set that included “Colossus,” “Gift Horse,” and “Never Fight a Man with a Perm,” and is considered one of the best in the festival’s 52-year history.

In one of the first viral moments of the 2024 edition, Talbot could be seen leading the crowd in a chant of “F*** the King.” Later, a prop depicting young refugees in a small boat appeared in the crowd.

It could be seen being passed around as crowds rocked out to the band’s immigration song “Danny Nedelko,” and it has since been revealed that the prop, which depicts children in life jackets, was provided by mysterious street artist Banksy.

The morning after the performance, it was confirmed that Banksy, whose works make strong political statements, had used the band’s performance as an opportunity to present his new work – and that IDLES knew nothing about it.

Elsewhere, the band also called for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and called Nigel Farage a “fascist” to cap off a disastrous week for the Reform Party.

“THAT’S how you send a message,” wrote one fan, adding: “And this is how you fucking do Glastonbury. I’m pretty sure this is the best set I’ve ever seen.”

Another hailed it as “legendary. Historic. Significant. Epic” and asked: “Best Glastonbury gig ever ??????”

Others said they “couldn’t believe how good this performance was,” while someone on X/Twitter wrote: “This IDLES set is incredible. This band is going to go far. Should headline the main stage.”

A work by Banksy appeared in the crowd during IDLES' performance at Glastonbury 2024 (X/Twitter/ @MrCarb1)A work by Banksy appeared in the crowd during IDLES' performance at Glastonbury 2024 (X/Twitter/ @MrCarb1)

A work by Banksy appeared in the crowd during IDLES’ performance at Glastonbury 2024 (X/Twitter/ @MrCarb1)

The other two headliners this year are Coldplay and SZA, who will perform on Saturday (June 29) and Sunday (June 30).

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