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It feels like every summer in recent years has been filled with realignment news. I will never forget when former Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby joked that he didn’t get any questions about the realignment at Big 12 media days in 2021. Weeks later, Texas and Oklahoma were out and moving to the SEC.

Since then, realignment seems to be college football’s hot topic of the offseason. A few years ago, the Big 12 was on the brink before BYU, UCF, Houston and Cincinnati joined. Then last year it was the Pac-12’s turn to walk the plank and they didn’t make it. Now all eyes seem to be on the ACC in 2024.

Florida State and Clemson have made it clear they no longer want to be part of the conference, and as you read this, there are five lawsuits going on between them. When they will be settled is unknown, but what we do know is that they are not happy with the ACC, so the biggest question is where they will end up.

As much as I love the Big 12, let’s be honest. They’re not coming here. I think they have their eyes on the SEC or the Big Ten, and if they had the opportunity, I’m sure both conferences would welcome them with open arms.

But what about the other schools and the new schools that are joining the ACC? What would happen to them? Should the Big 12 try to bring some of them into the conference?

Let’s try to sort out the ACC from the Big 12 perspective.

Teams I want but probably won’t get

North Carolina

I would LOVE to see the Tar Heels in the Big 12, but that’s unlikely. Even though they’re not mentioned in the same breath as Florida State or Clemson, North Carolina is an attractive school for any conference. It’s a historic brand and everyone and their mother recognizes the Carolina Blue.

Teams I want and could get

State of North Carolina

This is a no-brainer. Great school, solid fan base, and consistent in all major sports. It would be even better if North Carolina were there, if possible.


Much like North Carolina State, Louisville seems like a good choice. They have a good football program, a historic basketball program, and even the baseball program is good. Cincinnati would have someone close by, and who wouldn’t want to go drink bourbon in Louisville?

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech is a great football franchise that I would love to have in the Big 12. And how cool would it be to have Enter Sandman in the conference? It’s one of the best in sports.


Before you throw away your phone or computer, hear me out. Miami is still a household name in college football. While their football program leaves a lot to be desired, I think it would be cool to give UCF an in-state rival and give the Big 12 another footprint in the Sunshine State. My only complaint is the garbage stadium they have to play in.

Teams that interest me


This is one of those schools that people like, but I’m not entirely sold on Pitt. It’s not the 1980s anymore, and Pitt doesn’t have the same value it once did. What are they particularly good at right now? I can’t think of anything. And while the rivalry with West Virginia is great, is that enough reason to put them in a conference?


Money makes the world go round and SMU has plenty of it. It would give TCU a great rival in the conference outside of Baylor, but I wonder if adding another Texas school to the team is a good idea. That’s up for debate.


I kind of like Duke, and not just because we have the same name. Big brand in basketball and their football program isn’t bad either.

Teams I don’t want

Forest in Wake Forest

I feel like Wake Forest is the Vanderbilt of the ACC. Does anyone really want them? The only thing I like is their baseball program.


Virginia is just a watered down version of Virginia Tech. Pass.

Georgia Tech Institute

This might cause some excitement because there are people who think Georgia Tech deserves an invite. This has been a big topic on the Heartland forums, which you can join for free. While the academics are big there, they don’t do anything for me. While Atlanta is an attractive market, it is and always will be SEC country. Also, does anyone in Atlanta really care about Georgia Tech? I can think of five sports-related things to do in Atlanta and Georgia Tech doesn’t make the short list. Sometimes being in a big city doesn’t help.


Putting Syracuse in the running for basketball alone would be interesting, but I just don’t see the point. But I would like to see the big orange on the sidelines.


If you’re passionate about academic achievement, Stanford is your school. But this isn’t the Ivy League, it’s the Big 12 where things get exciting. I don’t want the Big 12 to be associated with its empty stadium.

Boston College

Yawn. Next.


The last time I was excited about Cal was when Marshawn Lynch took the car for a spin. That was almost 20 years ago.


We just got rid of Texas, we don’t need another school in the Big 12 acting superior to everyone else. Come to a conference, you cowards.

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