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Is it allowed to pick fruit from trees in public spaces? That’s what Ohio law says


Have you ever taken a walk in a park or forest and seen a bunch of fruit trees? The temptation to pick one is great.

With each passing summer day, many fruits are in season in places other than the supermarket. But is it illegal to pick fruit from a tree that doesn’t belong to you? This raises so many questions about the legality of grabbing fruit that’s hanging anywhere.

Is it legal to pick fruit from trees in the state of Ohio, both in public places and on private property? Could you get into legal trouble just by doing so? Let’s take a look.

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Is it legal to pick fruit from trees in public spaces?

According to Ohio law and regulations, you may not take an entire tree, plant, or part thereof unless you have done so with the permission of the head of the department for the area.

This includes, among others:

  • Fruit
  • Leaf mold
  • Flowers
  • leaves
  • grass
  • Race
  • humus
  • Shrubs
  • Deadwood

When picking up fallen fruit in public spaces is permitted

Collecting fallen fruit is permitted in public places where it is not marked as prohibited, as are pine cones, berries, tree nuts, mushrooms and naturally shed antlers.

If you wish to pick a fruit hanging from a tree, you must do so in a public place authorized by a person in charge of the area.

So if you plan on going into your neighbor’s yard to pick up a fresh apple or some cherries, make sure you have permission to do so (unless the fruit is already on the ground).

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