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Good Morning America correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton recently married her billionaire husband Tom Werner in a stunning ceremony. Their wedding at the prestigious Harmonie Club in New York City was a beautiful celebration that captivated many. Dr. Ashton, 53, shared her joy with her followers on Instagram, posting a series of photos from her special day.

The wedding announcement came shortly after Dr. Ashton announced her engagement to television producer Tom Werner in January this year. The couple’s vows were fulfilled on Saturday, November 5, when they exchanged wedding vows in front of family and friends.

A unique wedding ensemble

Dr. Jennifer Ashton chose an unconventional wedding dress that caught everyone’s attention. She wore a unique ivory long-sleeved jacket that was more like a blazer than a traditional wedding dress. This choice reflected her distinctive style and personality. Tom Werner complemented her look with a classic black and white tuxedo and bow tie. The couple’s elegant and stylish appearance was a highlight of the day.

In another series of photos taken on the grand staircase of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ashton wore a more traditional white wedding dress. The images capture the couple’s love and joy as they embraced, showing their happiness and the majesty of the event.

Celebrate with loved ones

The couple received an outpouring of love and well-wishes from fans and colleagues. Ashton captioned her photos with a simple, “I said YES! to Tom Werner” and a white heart emoji. Among the congratulatory messages were heartfelt comments from ABC News chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz and former Yankees All-Star Alex Rodriguez. The comments section was filled with messages of joy and support, reflecting the widespread admiration for the couple.

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, Ashton expressed her joy, saying, “We just wanted it to be a celebration of love and happiness.” She also shared her gratitude and disbelief, adding, “I never thought this would happen to me. And I’m so grateful.”

A perfect duo

Dr. Jennifer Ashton is a well-known physician, author and television correspondent. She was born on April 23, 1969 and is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist. She completed her residency at St. Luke’s – Roosevelt Hospital Center, now Mount Sinai Morningside in New York.

Ashton is the senior editor for health and medicine at ABC News and Good Morning America. She was also chief women’s health correspondent for The Dr. Oz Show and is a columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine. Her extensive career in medicine and media has made her a respected voice on women’s health issues.

Tom Werner, whose net worth is $1.6 billion, has made significant contributions to the entertainment and sports industries. Werner was born on April 12, 1950, and is a television producer and sports executive. He co-founded the Carsey-Werner Company in 1980 and produced popular shows such as That ’70s Show,

The Bill Cosby Show, Roseanne and Another World. Werner’s influence also extends to sports; he is chairman of the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool Football Club. His diverse career and business ventures have made him a prominent figure in many fields.

A journey to her engagement

Dr. Ashton and Tom Werner’s love story began in 2021 when they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Their relationship quickly blossomed, and on January 3, 2022, they announced their engagement. In a touching Instagram post, Ashton shared a photo of the couple smiling and hugging each other. Werner proposed to Ashton on New Year’s Eve as they were on their way to dinner at The Fulton by Jean-Georges, the location of their first date.

Family and future

Dr. Jennifer Ashton has two children from her previous marriage to the late heart surgeon Dr. Robert Ashton Jr. She has a daughter named Chloe, who plays hockey for Lawrenceville School, and a son named Alex, who graduated from Columbia University in 2020. Although Ashton and Werner do not have any children together, they are a blended family due to their previous marriages.


Dr. Jennifer Ashton and Tom Werner’s wedding was a beautiful celebration of love and joy. Their journey to finding each other and their shared devotion were evident in the heartfelt moments during their wedding. As they begin this new chapter together, their story serves as a reminder that love can be found at any stage of life.

frequently asked Questions

Who is Dr. Jennifer Ashton’s husband?

Dr. Jennifer Ashton’s husband is Tom Werner, an American television producer, sports manager and businessman.

When did Dr. Jennifer Ashton and Tom Werner get married?

They married on November 5 in a ceremony at the Harmonie Club in New York City.

What did Dr. Jennifer Ashton wear to her wedding?

She wore a unique ivory long-sleeved jacket that looked more like a blazer than a traditional wedding dress. In some photos, she also wore a traditional white wedding dress.

How did Dr. Jennifer Ashton and Tom Werner meet?

They were introduced to each other by a mutual friend in 2021 and began dating soon after.

Does Dr. Jennifer Ashton have children?

Yes, Dr. Ashton has two children from her previous marriage: a daughter named Chloe and a son named Alex.

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