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Kentucky woman enjoys watching feel-good TV repeatedly in the summer

Summer is always a great time to catch up on shows you missed during the regular season, although many shows had their episode count cut last season due to the WGA/SAG strike last year, so you were able to watch reruns much earlier than usual, or you did what I did and started watching your new or old favorite shows over and over again.

So what have you been watching since it’s been nice and humid outside? Forgive me, but sport is also a good summer show, hello! The Summer Olympics are taking place in Paris at the end of July. I decided to rewatch a sitcom that I hadn’t seen in a long time, and it’s a strange, American father!

This was the first animated sitcom that creator Seth MacFarlane tackled after scoring a smash hit with his monster hit. family Guy. If there is one thing I have always loved over the years, it is Fox’s Animation dominance Programs that are usually broadcast in blocks on Sunday evenings. American father! is very similar family Guy in its obvious use of raunchy humor and just plain silly characters and premises. The series switched networks in 2014, from Fox to TBS, and the final season was the sitcom’s 20th. That’s the other thing about animated series: They can run forever. The simpsons will begin season 36 on Fox in the fall. I’m currently halfway through season 9, so it’ll be a while before I get to the TBS years.

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Earlier this year, I invested in one of the live TV streaming services just to watch the latest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and I discovered one of my favorite shows that I hadn’t seen in years, Mama’s family. I started stuffing myself and couldn’t stop.

Vicki Lawrence’s “Mama” character from the original Carol Burnett Show was ready for a show of her own. Yes, many of the jokes are very corny, but Lawrence never fails to make me giggle. I saw Mama and Vicki in a “two-woman” show a few years ago and the audience was made up of people of all ages. They, I mean they, are unique talents.

I think a pretty standard show that you can watch over and over again and find comfort in is, for me and many other viewers, NBC’s original series. law and order. But which is your favorite detective and prosecutor team? My family and I agree on Lenny (Jerry Orbach) and all of his partners, from Logan (Chris Noth) to Curtis (Benjamin Bratt) and Green (Jesse L. Martin). We liked Abby (Angie Harmon) and honestly she was the best prosecutor. Jack McCoy (Sam Waterson) is brilliant and he’s back as the boss and lead prosecutor in the new episode of the series.

And as always, my favorite feel-good show, no matter what time of year:

i mean Mystery Science Theater 3000 never lets me down. Riffing has evolved since the original series was canceled in the late ’90s. We now have Rifftrax, the new version of MST3K that landed on Netflix two years ago, whose final season was crowdfunded, and the short-lived Cinematic Titanic, which featured an MST3K silhouette built into the shape of two decks on a ship.

I was at a few Rifftrax Live! performances and they are so much fun. The guys (Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett, originally from MST3K) will be playing riffs next Dangerous surf (yes, that one) is playing live in theaters at Fathom Events on August 8th, there’s a repeat showing on August 13th, and yes, they’re also playing at the Malco here in Owensboro. My ultimate goal is to catch a live event at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville.

The brand new Buc-ees in Smith’s Grove, KY

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