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Lily Collins’ film flop lands a big hit in Netflix’s global top 10 charts

Lily Collins has another big hit on Netflix, and it’s not her streaming series hit Emily in Paris.

Instead, it is a 2020 box office flop starring Collins that draws huge audiences. It is a mystery thriller called estatein which Collins plays the role of Lauren Monroe. After the death of Lauren’s rich and powerful father Archer (Patrick Warburton), he leaves his daughter a video message with a secret that she should take to the grave.

Director: Vaughn Stein, estate Also starring: Connie Nielsen, Chace Crawford and Simon Pegg.

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According to Box Office Tracker The numbers, estate never even made it to US theaters and was only played internationally, where it grossed a measly $180,000.

estateHowever, it has found a large audience on Netflix four weeks after the film’s debut on the streaming service. According to the platform estate debuted at number 4 on Netflix’s list of the world’s top 10 films from June 17 to 24.

estateAccording to Netflix, the series recorded 5.1 million views during this period, which equates to 9.5 million viewing hours.

The most watched film worldwide on the streaming service from June 17 to 24 was the Netflix original film Trigger warningThe action thriller starring Jessica Alba had 27.5 million views, equivalent to 49.9 million viewing hours.

“Inheritance” was despised by critics

Rotten tomatoes Critics mostly sprayed estate with negative reviews, giving the film a “poor” rating of 23% based on 56 reviews. RT Users didn’t like this estate much better, receiving an audience rating of 27 percent based on over 250 user ratings.

The negative reviews of the film may explain why estate was never released in the U.S. Some critics in the U.S. are still reviewing the film, presumably when it was released on home video.

Rolling Stone Film critic gave estate 0 out of 5 stars, writes: “A completely botched thriller that begs the question, ‘Come on, are you kidding me?’ If this is an inheritance, please leave us out of the will.”

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diversity Film critic Dennis Harvey, meanwhile, was equally brutal in his assessment of estateand writes about the film’s great mystery: “A climactic revelation meant to shock could instead make viewers laugh out loud.”

Sadly, Harvey added, not much happens other than the film’s big reveal.

“This far-too-long story spends most of its nearly two hours as a somewhat tedious, chatty crime thriller before finally settling on being a thriller, with a lack of credibility throughout,” writes Harvey.

estate However, there are some cheap RT Reviews. Alan Ng from Film threat gives the film 8.5 out of 10 stars and writes: “estate draws you in and puts you right in the middle of the action. And when it’s all over, you want to watch it again as quickly as possible to pick up on all the little details and clues.”

estate and the first three seasons of Collins’ hit series Emily in Paris are all streamed on Netflix.

Collins will next be seen alongside Mia Goth in director Ti West’s horror film MaXXXinewhich will be released in cinemas on July 5th.

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