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Man in Bay Ridge hit and killed by DOT truck

According to authorities, a man was hit and killed by a New York City Department of Transportation truck in Bay Ridge on Wednesday afternoon.

New York Fire Department officials said the incident occurred around 3:30 p.m. and that emergency responders discovered the man dead at the scene.

Surveillance video shows the pedestrian walking in the middle of the crosswalk when a yellow Department of Transportation truck drives down the road and hits him.

According to police, the driver of the vehicle remained at the scene of the accident with police officers and no arrests were made.

Many residents told News 12 that this is not the first time they have experienced an incident at this intersection. City data shows that at least three people have been injured near this intersection since April.

“I can tell you it’s a dangerous intersection,” said Sean McMahon, a concerned Bay Ridge resident. “Everyone is constantly trying to run red lights to get on the freeway.”

Another Dahlgren Place resident told News 12 that her mother was involved in an accident while crossing the street in 2021. Fortunately, her mother survived the incident.

“I sent a message to my mother and said, ‘Mom, I’m so happy that I still have you today,'” said Samia Haq. “It could have happened to her too.”

The NYPD has now reopened the street to motorists.

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