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When Marcus Rosner read the script for his latest Hallmark Channel movie, “Falling Like Snowflakes,” the decision was clear for two reasons: Yes.

First, he told Us Weekly, he knew his good friend Rebecca Dalton would be his co-star in the film, which premieres on June 29, 2024. Second, Rosner, 34, thought it would allow him to fulfill his long-held dream of getting behind the wheel of a giant snow plow.

Although he said he had a lot of fun working with 35-year-old Dalton, his hopes of driving the snow plow were “dismantled” by the producers and he is still a little disappointed about it.

Marcus Rosner assumed that the role of a snow plow driver would mean that he would drive the snow plow

Rebecca Dalton, Marcus Rosner

MarkRebecca Dalton and Marcus Rosner in front of the snow plow on the set of Hallmark’s “Falling Like Snowflakes”

“Falling Like Snowflakes,” the first new movie in Hallmark Channel’s 12th annual Christmas in July lineup, is, according to Hallmark’s synopsis, about “a photographer determined to complete her exhibit by taking a rare photo of a 12-sided snowflake.” The photographer, played by Dalton, enlists the help of her childhood friend and ex-boyfriend, played by Rosner.

Since his character has returned to her small town to run her father’s snowplow business
After his recent death, Rosner thought the role of snow plow driver was a given for him.

“I was expecting a very idealistic Hallmarky plow, and it was actually like one of the city plows,” he told Us Weekly. “If there was a big snowstorm, they would have to take it.”

However, it turned out that the snow plow was just a prop and Rosner was never allowed to drive it for safety reasons.

“I’d love to say I actually only drove the thing a foot, but they wouldn’t let me,” Rosner told Us Weekly. “We actually had a shot planned where I was going to drive ten feet, just to get at least one shot of me driving the thing. And then I got turned down by the producers at the last second.”

Rosner is not the first actor to complain about the restrictions on actors driving while filming Hallmark movies. These were put in place because it takes expensive insurance to put a star behind the wheel of a car. For example, Tyler Hynes told Media Village in 2023 that he had to fight to be allowed to drive his motorcycle in “Picture of Her.”

He said: “I actually rode the bike. There was almost a moment where I wouldn’t have ridden for insurance reasons. I told the production people, ‘That’s why I’m here. I have to get my butt on the bike.’ For this character, it lent itself to a certain romance that I hadn’t explored yet, and I think people who might follow me wouldn’t mind seeing me on a bike in a film, since I ride one in real life.”

Marcus Rosner says he found it difficult to remain “professional” on set with his girlfriend Rebecca Dalton

Despite the disappointment with the snow plow, Rosner had fun filming “Falling For Snowflakes”. In fact, almost too much fun.

Rosner and his wife, film producer Alison Kroeker, are good friends with Dalton and her husband, former IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe, Us Weekly reported. In July 2022, Rosner posted a photo of the quartet enjoying free time together at Six Mile Lake in Ontario.

In the comments, Hinchcliffe wrote: “Given the way our friendship has evolved, I assume moving in together is the logical next step for all of us, right?”

Because of their friendship, Rosner told Us Weekly that it was sometimes difficult to get into Dalton’s shoes or film a scene without laughing.

“We’re just so relaxed with each other,” Rosner said. “Our spouses are friends and we’ve gone camping or to vacation homes together. … I know her very well.”

“We really had to work on being professional at times,” Rosner admitted.

“We were sitting in this plow in the middle of the take and we were trying to pretend we were in an accident,” Rosner continued. “There’s a moment where you can look another actor in the eye and see if they’re talking some kind of nonsense. There are so many moments where I’m just like, ‘You’re not really in it.’ And she’s like, ‘You’re not really in it.’ Then we just burst out laughing and start laughing and wasting everyone’s time.”

“Falling Like Snowflakes” on Hallmark Channel premieres on June 29 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. During the July holiday season, repeats are scheduled on June 30 at 6 p.m. Eastern Time, July 5 at 9 p.m. Eastern Time, July 13 at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, and July 25 at 3 p.m. Eastern Time.

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