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Mauldin passes .3 million budget with tax increase: City Council note

Here is a recap of the Mauldin City Council meeting on June 17.

Final approval: Budget for fiscal year 2024–25

The council has given final approval to the city’s operating budget for the 2024-25 fiscal year of over $38.36 million. It includes a six per thousand tax increase for city residents and businesses, as well as a three per thousand tax increase for residents and businesses in the Mauldin Fire Service Area, which are unincorporated areas around Mauldin served by the Mauldin Fire Department.

The budget includes expenditure on:

  • Form a traffic team for the Mauldin Police Department by hiring four new patrol officers.
  • Hire new employees, including three firefighters, two garbage drivers, a parking department employee, and a streets department employee.
  • Provide funding to support Greenlink Route 601.
  • Purchase various capital goods such as six police cars, a grapple truck and a garbage truck with a side loader.

Final approval: rezoning for terraced houses

Council has granted final approval to rezone 3.3 acres between 109 and 129 Miller Road. The applicant, Barrett Wood of B Wood LLC, plans to build a 23-unit townhome development with rear-entry garages.

Final approval: incorporation and rezoning of municipal property

The Council gave final approval for the annexation and rezoning of 10.6 acres of city-owned land at Fowler Circle.

Although there are no official plans from the city for the property, it is to be rezoned as a residential area.

Initial registration: incorporation and rezoning for possible commercial use

The council has granted preliminary approval to annex and rezone 23.2 acres at Conestee Road and Lakewood Drive. The owner, MetroConnects, has applied for an S-1 zoning classification, which will make room for possible commercial use.

This item will be presented to the City Council for final approval on July 15.

Final Approval: Mauldin Land Development Regulations Amendment

City Council has given final approval to a land development regulation amendment that will guide the city’s Planning Commission in its decisions by providing review criteria for preliminary subdivision plans, including:

  • It must be assessed whether the land use and intensity of the proposed development are compatible with the character and intent of the zoned area and are consistent with the land uses of the zone.
  • It will be examined whether the provision and maintenance of open spaces and landscape buffers meets the standards and objectives of the city’s ordinances and regulations.
  • Reviewing proposed designs of streets, properties, utilities and public improvements to ensure that they are designed in accordance with City policies and can be adequately and efficiently served by the City and other public entities.
  • Assess the availability of adequate public services, including but not limited to water, sanitation, emergency response and educational facilities.
  • Investigate significant impacts on public infrastructure such as roads and utilities and ensure that these are appropriately mitigated.
  • Evaluate the ability of the proposed development to meet all standards set forth in the Municipal building codes and zoning ordinance.

Approved: Appointments to the Board and Commission

The council extended the terms of Randy Eskridge and Lyon Bixler on the Planning Commission and Joe Sentelle and William Parks on the Zoning Appeals Board.

Eskridge was appointed to fill the midterm vacancy at Seat No. 3 in April 2022, and Bixler assumed Seat No. 6 in May 2022.

Sentelle has held Seat No. 1 since around 2009. He is also Chairman of the Board. Parks has held Seat No. 2 since his appointment in 2021.

The term of office of all four appointments is three years.

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