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Michigan State’s Carson Cooper on new assistant coach Saddi Washington

The Michigan State men’s basketball team made some changes to its coaching staff this offseason, including key addition Saddi Washington, a former Michigan assistant coach and son of Spartan legend Stan Washington.

“I am very excited to welcome Saddi to our team and bring him back home to the Lansing area,” Michigan State coach Tom Izzo said upon hiring, according to a press release. “I have known him since his junior high school days where he had Doug Herner as a teacher, and I have had a great relationship with him and his family for a long, long time. Obviously he has some strong ties to Michigan State, as his parents and brother are all graduates and his father, Stan, was one of the greats of our program.”

Saddi Washington was already in the building this summer and according to Spartan center Carson Cooper, he did some work in the frontcourt.

“I love Saddi, man,” Cooper said Thursday at the 2024 Moneyball Pro-Am. “When I saw before that he was at Michigan for eight or nine years, I always thought a little bit, ‘All right, he’s going to wear green and white after wearing maize and blue for so long.’ So it’s going to be interesting. But yeah, I guess Coach (Tom Izzo) knew him since he was about 8 years old, kind of. Super good guy, he’s working with the big guys this year. … But it’s really good, I really like him as a coach and as a person too. He’s really cool, he fits right in.”

Saddi Washington coached at Michigan for eight seasons.

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