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Milky Way Tech Hub workshop series to educate and accelerate community engagement in AI

Workshop on ChatGPT (Photo/Karen Stokes)

By Karen Stokes

The Milky Way Tech Hub hosted a workshop series in June to train students on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in education. These workshops aim to educate and empower people of color and foster a more inclusive and forward-thinking culture prepared for the future of education in Milwaukee.

These workshops cover AI fundamentals and tools like ChatGPT and encourage interactive learning and hands-on exploration.

Milky Way Tech Hub workshops are held in collaboration with corporate partners and community organizations, including American Family, Northwestern Mutual, Summerfest Tech, and Social X. These workshops provide insights into the practical applications of AI.

Social worker Tarsha Wiggins of Milwaukee leads a trap therapy session (Photo/Karen Stokes

The participants were offered the following options:

1. Comprehensive insights into AI: Understand the diverse applications of AI across sectors through expert-led discussions.
2. Practical skills: Gain practical technical skills using no-code tools for personal and professional projects.
3. Valuable networking: Connect with industry leaders and innovators to advance technology opportunities.
4. Empowering youth: Inspire young people with easy-to-understand AI concepts to stimulate their interest in technical careers.
5. Strategic Implementation: Learn how to integrate AI into your engineering ideas for real-world applications and efficiency.

An interactive icebreaker (Photo/Karen Stokes)

Workshops included the NMDSI Speaker Series: A Framework for Domain-Specific Applications, Coding with Clarity, Summerfest Tech: From Concept to Reality: Develop Your Tech Ideas with Insights from Wisconsin Tech Month, as well as STEAM & Dream with the Congressional App Challenge, an initiative to promote learning to code through an annual district-wide competition, and TRAP therapy sessions aimed at expanding access to mental health care using hip-hop, R&B, and electronic dance music.

Milky Way Tech Hub is a social organization committed to creating equal opportunities for Black, Tribal, PoC and women in the technology industry.

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