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MJF reacts to WWE T-shirt with almost identical logo to his own

MJF has reacted to a new WWE t-shirt whose logo appears to be almost identical to his long-standing t-shirt.

During Friday’s edition of WWE SmackDown, Tama Tonga unveiled a brand new t-shirt featuring his recently adopted nickname “MFT”. Fans noticed a striking similarity between the design of the shirt and MJF’s long-standing logo – with the two designs appearing nearly identical except for a few minor font changes.

Before his AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door match against CMLL veteran Hechicero, MJF took to social media to directly address the many fans who had pointed out the resemblance to him and asked everyone to stop sending him photos of the shirt.

Stop sending me pictures of the shirt.

We get it.

The former AEW World Champion subsequently responded directly to some fans, telling an X-user that his mention of the similarity in AEW programming just as likely as having a hip flask.

MJF recently recalled speaking to the late Brodie Lee through a medium

Ahead of the release of AEW’s Brodie Lee tribute merchandise in collaboration with Reebok, MJF appeared in a social media video where he discussed his collaboration with Lee and told a wild story about speaking to the late star through a medium.

When he spoke to a medium after his grandfather’s death several years ago, he claimed that Brodie Lee spoke to him during the session and asked him to send a message to his wife, which he did at the subsequent AEW TV taping.

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