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Mobile service drives fleet growth

Camions Excellence Peterbilt is headquartered in Sainte-Julie, Quebec, and operates from six locations across the province. Its mobile service fleet of more than 10 units includes medium-duty Peterbilt Model 220 cab-over-engine trucks and Class 8 Model 548 trucks. The fleet’s vehicles are expected to be in service for at least 10 years.

For Grant, the technicians who are on the road every day are the most important part of Excellence Peterbilt’s mobile service fleet. “We offer a comprehensive service with our mobile units, so well-trained technicians who can work independently are essential,” he said.

“Whether it’s routine maintenance, replacing a component or a more extensive problem like engine failure, our technicians can take care of it in no time from diagnosis to repair,” Grant added.

Excellence Peterbilt’s mobile service vehicles are equipped with bodies that serve as mobile workshops and are fully equipped with tools, generators, air compressors, welders and jacks, as well as an extensive inventory of spare parts. In addition, the vehicles have on-board communication systems that connect technicians with dedicated dispatchers at the dealer’s service facilities.

A key consideration for Excellence Peterbilt is technician comfort, especially during the cold winter months in Quebec. Grant explained that the dealer’s mobile service vehicle bodies are equipped with Webasto diesel-powered auxiliary heaters to ensure year-round service. These include Air Top Evo 40 units in the Peterbilt Model 548 trucks and Air Top 2000 STC heaters in the fleet’s Model 220 trucks.

“The heaters not only provide mobile technicians with a comfortable on-site workshop, but can also run at night so that tools, liquids and other items in the body do not freeze,” explained Grant. “The heaters also save costs, as the alternative would be to let the engine idle, which consumes more fuel. The Air Top 2000 STC, for example, consumes just 3.8 liters of fuel in 22 hours.”

“And with idling engines, aftertreatment and other timing issues must also be considered,” he added. “If we had to pay mobile technicians to wait up to an hour for a forced regeneration to complete, it could cost us thousands of dollars a day in wages and lost revenue.”

Grant also reported that the auxiliary heaters are essentially maintenance free and very reliable. “One of our Webasto Air Top Evo 40 heaters has been running reliably for eight years,” he said. “That’s six years beyond the warranty period and it has almost 20,000 hours of operation.”

“The mobile technician who uses this auxiliary heater starts it up as soon as it gets cold and doesn’t turn it off until it gets warmer,” Grant continued. “When we looked at those numbers, we found that the auxiliary heater lasted almost ten times longer than originally expected.”

Founded in 1997, Camions Excellence Peterbilt is a family-owned business that employs over 435 people in sales, leasing, spare parts and service. Throughout its history, the dealership has continuously invested in expanding its services.

“Providing mobile service is just one of the ways we plan to better meet the needs of our customers,” said Grant. “Increasing our service truck operations also allows us to support the growth of our business.”

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