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“My husband slept with my mother just two days before our wedding – she refuses to apologize”

A woman is heartbroken when she finds out that her husband slept with her mother just two days before the wedding – and her mother still doesn’t apologize

The desperate woman shared her despair on Reddit after her mother slept with her future husband just 48 hours before the wedding((Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A woman has described her heartache after discovering her husband slept with her mother just two days before their wedding. She revealed that her husband came home from his stag party “extremely drunk” and ended up in bed with her mother, who had stayed over to help with wedding preparations.

In a Reddit post, she wrote: “My bachelorette party was that same night. I came home around 3am and saw he wasn’t in our bed. I texted him but assumed he had slept at a friend’s house because he said he might do that if things got crazy.”

“But in reality he was with my mother. In the next room. The next morning he sneaked out quietly while I was still asleep. Then he opened the door and acted as if he had just come home after sleeping off his hangover with his friends. He got into bed with me and told me this lie.”

“As if that wasn’t enough, he then attempted to have sex with me. He had been with my mother just a few hours earlier. We got married the next day.” Despite the shocking revelation, the couple went ahead with their wedding – and were married for two years before he finally confessed the truth.

When she learned of her 29-year-old husband’s shocking behavior, she said, “I literally can’t believe it. My mother has tried to flirt with men I’ve dated before and behaved inappropriately (not that badly, but still). My husband knew this. We laughed about it, he assured me that he would never find her attractive in life.”

In a heartbreaking confrontation, she told her 55-year-old mother, “My husband told me everything.” Her mother’s response was a series of excuses and denials.

“She acted like she didn’t know what I was talking about for several minutes. Then she denied everything and said he had made it all up,” she said. “And then she claimed she woke up and my husband forced himself on her! The audacity she is capable of exceeds any disgust I can put into words.”

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