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Building a strong business is not always about just hitting goals and numbers. You can’t make a profit without having a good group of capable employees around you. But most importantly, your company keeps its employees happy.

Many factors that will encourage employees to return to work include: good benefits, job security, opportunities for advancement, compensation, and just the overall feeling that they are important to the company. This will encourage them to stay with the company rather than looking for work elsewhere.

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Assets has once again ranked the best places to work for 2024, and one particular company based in New York State once again topped the list.

Wegmans lands at the top again

According to the Democrat & Chronicle, Wegmans was ranked the third best place to work in the magazine’s list of Best Workplaces in New York for Large Companies in 2024. This marks the 27th time Wegmans has been named to the list of Best Workplaces in New York for Large Companies. Assets annual list of best workplaces.

Wegmans is a highly successful supermarket chain founded in Rochester, New York in 1916. The grocery company has received much attention and praise for its “fan base, organic food, hot food, wide food selection and employee satisfaction.”

The franchise has over a hundred stores in eight states, including 38 stores in New York State. Wegmans opened its first Hudson Valley store in Harrison in 2002, drawing huge crowds who had waited years for the Westchester location to open.

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The company has been widely recognized as one of the best companies for consumers and employees in the United States in Axios and Harris polls.

Check out this huge new Wegmans in New York State

This huge, brand new Wegmans Astor Place in New York City is absolutely stunning. Check out the photos!

Gallery credits: Facebook/YouTube/TikTok/Canva

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