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Nigerian couple celebrates wedding after six years of relationship and shares wedding photos

  • A Nigerian couple who have been together since 2018 have happily announced their wedding in 2024, celebrating six years of blossoming relationship
  • In an engaging video, the couple shared moments from the beginning of their relationship in 2018 and showed their closeness and strong bond
  • The video then cuts to a heartwarming scene of them wearing their wedding attire and confirming their wedding in 2024.

A Nigerian couple whose romance began in 2018 have announced their wedding for 2024, celebrating six years of blossoming relationship.

In a heartwarming video, the couple recalled their first days together in 2018 and emphasized their deep bond and affection.

Nigerian couple celebrates six years of relationship
The couple celebrates their wedding. Photo credit: @afoke99
Source: TikTok

Experience this couple’s beautiful journey

The video then cuts to a joyful moment where they are seen in their wedding dress, which will officially seal their union in 2024, as @afoke99 shows.

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Watch the video HERE: Some of the reactions are summarized below:

Annie_Anniet said:

“Is that too difficult? There is nothing better for Victor.”

Nudity verified by a nurse:

“Things aren’t going any better for Morgan.”

Great Wizard 001:

“Whoever reads my comments will not know poverty.”


“Things aren’t going any better for Tunde.”


“It couldn’t be better for the treasure.”

Matilda Nicholas:

“Things are not going any better for Ifeanyi.”


“There is nothing better for Oscar.”


“I swear, David, I begged you, I almost died, and this is the same year we met, until today. God will judge.”

Believe in God:

“Omo, a lot of guys who do carry swear here, oo.”


“It couldn’t be better for the treasure.”

Mallik Empire:

“But wait, I just don’t understand why they’re writing all these videos I see from 2018. I plan on finding love in 2018. I see almost 18 of these videos from 2018.”

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With Lizzy Ajeibi:

“E No, things are getting better for Victor.”

In a recent development It was previously reported that a couple from Akure caused a stir on social media by choosing simple outfits for their civil wedding.

Couple rejoices after receiving 200 million naira gift

In the meantime, It was previously reported that a Nigerian couple beamed with joy as they were blessed with money and gifts worth 200 million naira.

A video showed the groom’s elder brother taking the stage to present the couple with a cheque for five million naira and six plots of land as a wedding gift.

Although this was the only gift confirmed in the video shared by MC Yannist on TikTok, the caption of the video suggests that the couple received gifts worth 200 million naira.


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