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Edited casual chic. That’s what you can expect from this post: a curated selection of high-quality, versatile, and eye-catching pieces. Some pieces (like these pants) can easily be dressed up for the office or a night on the town, or worn casually with sneakers. Other finds are strictly casual (but still cohesive), like these sweatpants and matching sweatshirt in white.

Sophisticated fall outfits (that are actually really comfortable) from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This is all based on my current life – I’m having my third child this fall and need as much comfort as possible. I also want versatility when I need to dress up and feel like a million bucks. If you want to see what I would recommend as a stylist to refresh your fall wardrobe, check out this post. You can see I followed some of those suggestions here (at least the ones that fit!).

Insights from this year’s Anni Sale:

  • This Rails jacket will exceed your expectations. For me it was an instant yes.
  • Be pleasantly surprised by these Paul Green sneakers (I have the sand combo). I find all sorts of reasons not to keep them, but I know I’ll be wearing them a lot for the rest of my pregnancy and beyond, so price per wear wins.
  • This All Saints tote bag is a gem. I bought it last year and have been using it a lot since then.
  • This year, however, I want this one. Perfect for the beach (waterproof), for travel as it fits my laptop and more, and I plan on using it as a diaper bag. I’m going to get some kind of useful insert for it.

1. Pants to spice up any outfit

Top (XS) l Bottom (8US) l Shoes l Bag

I’m not one for black and white as it’s too cool for me, but black and cream? I’m in. Since I’m pregnant, I didn’t even want to bother with jeans. But these Reiss pants in a size larger were so gentle around my belly, so comfortable to wear with sneakers and best of all: perfect for feeling sophisticated.

Veronica Beard’s sweater is an expensive option, but it looks great and can be worn with everything from jeans, pants, skirts and dresses.

Trouser fitting instructions: I wear a size 8US to show off my baby bump and it fits perfectly. It’s very give and flatters the midsection. As you can see, I have to get them shortened and to be able to wear them for as long as possible, I mostly wear them with low heels and sneakers with an insert for a little more height so they don’t drag on the floor.

Tips on the fit of sweaters: I’m wearing an XS because the small size wasn’t available in my store. It fits well, but I prefer a slightly looser fit.

Left: Jacket (XS) l Top (XS) l Pants (US8) l Shoes // Right: Vest (S) l Top (XS) l Pants (US8) l Shoes l Bag

The styling doesn’t have to be all black and cream. You can experiment with other colors, like I did here with the olive jacket and deep red top. But if you have more of a cool undertone, I would try blue, lavender, gray, and more.

2. A special (and indulgent) skirt/top set

Top (XS) l Skirt (XS) l Bag

Texture is key with this Vince t-shirt and skirt. I was amazed at how well it accentuated my curves during pregnancy, but I also know it will still look great post-pregnancy.

Fit notes: Depending on the fit you want, you may need to go down a size. I tried S, but it was too loose and unflattering, so I went down a size (especially the skirt).

Left: Top l Skirt l Shoes l Bag // Right: Jacket l Top l Skirt l Boots

Wear it casually with a tote bag and comfortable shoes, or dress it up with a pretty pair of heels or boots. Definitely a versatile set.

3. Must-have for your wardrobe: chic sweat set (with shorts)

Top (XS) l Bottom (S) l Shoes l Bag

These sets are perfect for taking the kids to school, running errands, relaxing at home, etc. I love them in fun colors and always get compliments when I wear them. Just pair them with cute sneakers and a structured bag or a fanny pack like I did here and you’re good to go.

Shop other sets with shorts below:

4. A short jacket (that you can wear with everything)

Jacket (XS) l Top (XS)

This Rails jacket exceeded my expectations. It feels so soft and warm and also has a perfect fit. I plan on wearing it over dresses, with sweatpants, slacks, jeans and more.

Left: Dress (S) l Shoes l Bag // Right: Top (XS) l Pants (8US) l Shoes

Notes on fit: I’m very petite so I usually size down on jackets like this to get the shorter length. It’s TTS if you prefer a looser fit or are taller.

5. The most sophisticated sweat set

Top (S) l Bottom (S) l Bag l Shoes

Every year a Nike piece goes into my closet and becomes my favorite. I already own these pants in black with the matching sweatshirt, so when I saw them in this beautiful ivory shade and with a half-zip top, I was immediately excited. I will wear them as long as I can during this pregnancy and after the birth they will be perfect.

Fit notes: Both pieces run true to size, so if you’re petite you may need to alter them a bit or be crazy like me and shrink the pants. I did it with my black pants and the length is just right.

6. Free People makes the most comfortable wide leg pants

Left: Top l Pants (M) l Shoes l Bag // Right: Top (XS) l Pants (M) l Shoes l Bag

The drape of these pants makes them so light and comfortable to wear. They come in black and a mauve-like color. The brown is more like my pictures than the retailer’s, making it a more neutral, slightly cool brown.

Fit notes: TTS, but I chose a larger size because of my baby bump.

7. A colorful sweater dress

Left: Dress (XS) l Shoes // Right: Top (XS) l Dress (XS)

This dress also comes in black and a dark pink that is called burgundy (but it isn’t). I love it with sneakers for a sporty look, but look how good it looks with a sweatshirt over it. For shoes, sneakers work, but so does a pair of boots like these.

Fit notes: TTS, with the option to size down. I mean, I did size down and it fits perfectly over my belly.

8. Beyond Yoga Sweat Set (So pretty and comfy)

Top (XS) l Bottom (S)

No styling required as this is exactly how I would wear it to cozy up at home in late pregnancy and after with a newborn. So soft, light and delicious, plus the color is stunning and will brighten up even the most sleepless days. Need you say more?

And that’s it for today! This pregnant mommy is actually about to start her third trimester and is tired and has a lot of pain in her hips, even though my belly is small this time.

Have fun shopping in the Anni Sale!

Besos, Julia

Are you ready to revamp your closet and boost your confidence? You can secure one of the few available spots from the end of July to September, before I go on maternity leave. You can book my signature Discover Your Colours sessions or contact me here for a larger transformation package.

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