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Nsider: Sculpture project transforms condemned trees into public art | Art + Culture

Here’s the bad news: An invasive insect known as the Asian ash beetle is destroying Nashville’s ash trees Trees, kills up to 10 percent of local Tree Population over five years.

The good news is that as the metallic green beetle slithers through the treetops of cities, artists from across the country are creating a series of monumental public artworks from derelict Trees, the metro has been removed in the interest of public safety. Following the example of the Chicago Tree Project that Nashville Tree The project is a collaboration between Metro Parks and Nashville Tree Foundation to do sick upcycling Trees into ephemeral works of public art. By transforming familiar plants into unusual forms, the project aims to educate the public about the environmental threat posed by the Asian ash borer.

So far four ashes Trees in Metroparks have been converted into public sculptures, with three more to follow. In Centennial Park in Oregon, artist Anthony Heinz May references Tree Sculpture that highlights the broken relationship between man and nature. On the riverbank in the city centre, the wire birds by Californian artist Ben Allanoff nest in the shortened branches of a dying ash tree. In Cedar Hill Park, Nashville-based artist Lindsy Davis has stripped the bark and used a torch to create a Shou Sugi Ban charred finish to highlight and protect the exposed grain of an overlooked trunk. In Shelby Park, Michigan, artist Joshua Kochis interprets the structure of a Tree as an elegantly tangled web made up of its own severed branches.

Future Tree Sculptures are in the works for Elmington, Centennial and Frederick Douglass Parks, so keep an eye out for unexpected shapes that are clearly Treelike, but with a uniquely human touch.

You can find out more about the Asian ash beetle at, where you can learn to identify ashes Trees and what to do if you find pests or damaged Trees on your property. (Tip: Treat or remove the damaged Treethen replant, replant, replant.)

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