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Outpost uses modern technology for visibility when parking

Parking lot of the Outpost in Dallas, Texas. (Photo: Outpost)

Parking and storage provider Outpost, formerly Semi-Stow, announced Thursday the launch of a new technology solution designed to give its customers and truck yards visibility into the assets of the company’s current 21 truck yards.

Using the company’s hardware and software, customers can now leverage computer vision technology, on-demand video and IoT devices to keep track of parked assets and provide a more efficient check-in and check-out system, enabling flexible bookings, management of parking space availability, visibility into equipment health and improved security.

“We have customers ranging from small owners to large fleets. We’ve had the opportunity to talk to many of them about what’s important to them, what their challenges are and what they want from their technology platforms… We couldn’t find a software-only solution that addressed their pain points, so we approached the problem with a hardware and software approach,” said Greg Akselrod, Outpost’s chief technology officer, in an interview with FreightWaves.

Check-in and check-out kiosk from Outpost. (Photo: Outpost)

Akselrod believes this technology represents a paradigm shift in the industry, turning operational constraints in yards and parking lots into strategic advantages.

The Outpost software platform. (Photo: Outpost)

The hardware aspect includes components such as platforms, cameras and other sensors installed throughout Outpost’s facilities, enabling real-time visibility of equipment, driver verification and seamless access control. The software ties all of this together and allows for instant booking and management of spaces through a user-friendly interface.

While the current announcement focuses on the deployment of this technology in Outpost’s network, Akselrod pointed out that the system was designed to be adaptable and interoperable.

“We have developed a hardware solution that can be efficiently installed regardless of the design of the yard or the configuration of the gate system. … The components of the kiosk and cameras were selected so that they can provide a platform for our vision of a shared network of yards that are not just for parking, but are full-service terminals,” Akselrod said.

Outpost is currently testing this technology at three of its facilities and plans to accelerate the rollout across its network over the summer. Customers will soon receive emails with information on how to access the new features through the Outpost website.

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