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Philadelphia Wedding Band withdraws lawsuit against Jelly Roll

Philadelphia-based wedding and party band Jellyroll has officially dropped its trademark lawsuit against country superstar Jelly Roll.

According to a July 9 court document, PeopleJellyroll frontman Kurt Titchenell said his group was withdrawing its lawsuit. They had originally asked Jelly to stop using his stage name because it was too similar to a band name they had used for decades.

“The dispute with Jason Bradley DeFord, aka Jelly Roll, has been settled and the lawsuit withdrawn,” Titchenell’s new statement said. “We look forward to continuing to use the Jellyroll Band name in connection with our party band business.”

The original court documents state that the Philadelphia-based band has used the Jellyroll moniker since “at least 1980,” and that their ability to promote the band online has been negatively impacted by the rise of country singer Jelly Roll.

“Before the defendant’s recent rise in prominence, a search for the name Jellyroll on most search engines, particularly Google, would yield references to plaintiff,” the complaint states. And it adds that today the same searches “yield 18 to 20 references (to Jelly Roll) before a reference to plaintiff’s entertainment dance band known as Jellyroll® can be found.”

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According to previous filings, Jelly’s lawyers responded to the first cease-and-desist letter by saying they wanted to “discuss” the situation and questioned whether the two actions were actually in competition with each other.

However, Jellyroll Band’s lawyers insisted that this was the case – especially since Jelly Roll’s upcoming “Beautifully Broken” tour includes a stop in Philadelphia, the party band’s hometown.

However, the new statement withdrawing the lawsuit did not indicate much commitment from Jelly’s team. It was not signed by the singer’s lawyers, nor did it indicate that a settlement had been reached.

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